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    C.O.W. #185_Rusty Metal Eater_Finals Thread

    C.O.W. #186 Rusty Metal Eater - VOTING!!



    Topic: Rusty Metal Eater

    Deadline for the voting: Tuesday August 24th 2010

    Posting thread (closed):
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    Artist: J.R. Barker

    Concept: Metal Eater

    These creatures feed on the remnants of a world that has long since passed on. They have evolved to be able to extract nutrients from the plentiful bounty of twisted and rusting metal. The beast features a sort of "power shovel" head that can dig through debris and rubble. His meal is further processed inside his mouth where a corrosive and acidic saliva collects and breaks down the material. There is also an inner mouth with nubby metallic teeth which break down the objects further. Once the material is swallowed, it is transported through a series of chambers and stomachs where it is further broken down. This process creates an enormous amount of toxic gases. These are expelled through metallic-like pipes that reside on the back of these creatures. As the beast gets older, it's "pipes" and external shovel-beak tend to grow in size due to a lifetime of ingesting different metals.

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    Artist: lkjhgfdsa

    Concept: Crabbage the rusty metal eater

    Crabbage have specialized sets of mandibles that allow them to quickly whittle down rusting metal into a nourishing slop.
    The high level of oxidized iron in its diet (as well as its need to roll in filth) gives the Crabbage a rusty colouration similar to its post-apocalyptic surrounds.
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    Artist: Aeronik

    Concept: Rustoceros

    Here's my rather conservative entry. The topic suggested to me that this creature might exist in the near future among the detritus of human civilisation. So I chose to work with a not too distant descendant of an existing animal that could conceivably develop the caustic digestive ability to deal with metals. And nostalgically, the fact that these guys are endangered for the sake of the sexual insecurities of a few overwealthed, underbrained humans really grinds my gears - so it warms my cynical heart to think they may outlast us.
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    Artist: Emerging

    Concept: Hopping Junkroach
    In the wastelands of post apocalyptic cities, junkroach roams neverending junkyards in a grasshopper fashion looking for the most delicious pieces of rusty metal. These creatures are believed to be a mutated cross of a cockroach, rat or even human as a result of tremendous amounts of radiation. Junkroach is one of the few more complex lifeforms that inhabits these areas and has no virtual enemies or predators that could pose danger to this species. But even in this devastated by war and radiation deserted city mother nature is seeking the balance: the creature is pretty much self destructive as the amount of metal it consumes is slightly more than the amount of metal it's powerful stomach can digest and process. Because of this by the time the creature has reached its adulthood its stomach is filled with metal deposits that make the creature immobile. And so it dies.
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    Artist: (lark

    Concept: the volusian cleaner bugs

    the volusians are a highly intelligent race of beings that travel throughout the universe looking for planets that have been destroyed by their inhabitants. they seek them so that they might cleanse them, and allow them to be reborn. once they find these post apocalyptic planets, they release these guys, the volusian cleaner bugs.

    once released onto a wasted planet, the bugs search out unnatural, natively created material. and more specifically metals. the volusians have bred these creatures to digest and gain nutrition from what they call, "tainted metal" or rusted metals. the reasoning is that they have found efficient ways of cleaning other waste such as toxic refuse, and radiation. but for some reason have always had difficulty removing formed, and in turn degrading metal material. thus the need for these guys.

    the bugs eat the metal by producing a highly acidic bile, which they purge onto the metal they seek to ingest. the bile breaks down the metal on a molecular level turning it into a kind of liquid state. once this happens the bug will use its sucker-like protrusion on the underside of its body to suck up the bile-liquid metal stew. this usually takes them about 50 to 70 generations to purge a planet of its "bad" metal (the bugs life span being about 5 years), or approximately 250-300 years. the volusians don't mind the wait because they are a patient, shamanic species that feel they are saving the universe by returning damaged worlds to their natural state, all done in order to start the process of life over again.

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    After a couple of entries in character of the week I thought I'd give Creature a shot this week.

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    Artist: snarfevs

    Concept: Versatile Bioreclamation Organism

    Engineered by ComarcaKolibriBiotech in the wake of rapacious environmental destruction eventually culminating in a number of major resource wars and a precipitous decline in global biodiversity, the VBO was developed to help clean some of the world's worst ecological disaster zones.

    This species is capable of efficiently metabolising or sequestering a large number of waste metals, which it integrates into its carapace to lend enormous compressive and tensile strength to its various incisors. The claw on its head acts as a sort of biological tin-snip, allowing it to cut sheet metal, wires and foil into manageable chunks. Scaled for size, its bite is the most powerful known and is capable of shattering nitrided steel. This species can also secrete a rather reactive digestive solution of concentrated hydrogen peroxide and nitric acid, which assists in breaking down tough junk, be it e-waste, military wreckage or unexploded ordnance.

    They love depleted uranium and are not recommended as pets. Their bright colouration is due to the sequestration of a number of colourful but toxic heavy metal salts in their pygidial segment. This accumulation eventually results in a sort of mange that is eventually fatal. The colour intensifies over time until they are 'ripe', at which point they may be 'harvested' by recyclers to reclaim their metal content.

    ComarcaKolibriBiotech has received mixed appraisals regarding the ethics of engineering this species, especially in light of the fact that they sell a proprietary repellent to keep the creatures away from load-bearing structures and vehicles.

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    Artist: xbert

    Concept: Scrapworm
    A wormlike species colloquial known as scrapworm that eats all kind of metal originally living at mountains and deep caves devouring iron ore its now often located scavenging at past battlefields.

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    Artist: porcupine

    Concept: Rust eater

    We always belived that the rats and roaches would be the only species surviving a nuclear war.
    We were wrong.
    However there is not many scientists left among us and we do not have access to any research equipment so we simply dont know what species evolved into this. Atleast they arent touching non corroded materials so the shelter is safe. It seems like they are dependant on corrosion to feed, or maybe it's the rust itself they thrive on. We tried to hunt them for food, they are slow and easy to spot but our weapons wont penetrate their thick hides. Useless.

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    Artist: JanJager

    Concept: Rust eater
    You don't want it on your car.

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    Artist: Anthis

    Concept: Rusty metal eater

    As they devour the rusting metals on waste disposal planets, these creatures work their way trough piles and piles of metal trash. Elements required for chemosynthesis are extracted and accumulate on the body itself if 'food' is abundant. Their home planet of Belphon is nearly depleted, and many populations have been moved to various scrapyards and junk planets by humans. The remaining few have gone cannibalistic.

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    Artist: Rich3

    Concept: Acid Scavenger
    Wandering the garbage wastes of Earth, these lizard-like creatures depend on select metals for growth and sustenance. Cutting chunks out of the waste with regurgitated acid forced through their tongue the creature swallows pieces whole. Excess minerals form growths on the skeleton which act as sensors, allowing the scavenger to feel and negotiate it's surroundings.

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    Yay! Crit time!

    lkjhgfdsa - A strong entry in terms of texture, lighting and form. My one crit would be that the mandibles seem a tab asymmetrical which looks awkward.
    Aeronik - While I feel it's really well rendered and beautiful, I feel like it's almost too possible for the concept. It looks less like it eats rusty metal because it seems to much like it could be a real animal. Does that make sense?
    emerging - I love your creature's expression, and the design is simple but effective, in part, because of it's personality. There's an odd sloppiness to your piece that I don't generally associate with your overall style.
    (lark - Very nicely done with a good description to back it up. I would've liked to have seen the tail end of the creature tightened up a bit. With a design like this, I also find that a patterning on the creature helps with visual interest. It's personal taste I guess, but I feel the creature's design could be improved with a simple speckle-patterned back.
    Chong - The similarity in tone and hue between your creature and your background makes it a bit harder to read that it really should be, which is something to bear in mind in the future. I like the external skeleton and I would like to see that idea pushed to the limit with this. What would those bones look like exposed to rust constantly? Does it have a inner skeleton as well as an exoskeleton and why did it develop like that?
    snarfevs - Another really interesting and well executed original design. I'm wondering what the giant upper pincer is for when it's main prey appears to small bit of metal, which appears to be the only inconsistency as I see it. On the other hand, it looks rad, so why not have a giant pincer?
    xbert - It's a simple but effective design. I really like the soft, dulled look of it's plates. It really looks like old metal. I would've maybe like to have seen the same types of patterns on it's head repeated in it's lower portions, which feel more rushed.
    porcupine - It's interesting to see the really cute design juxtaposed such a concept like this. The look in it's eyes combined with the rain and the rusty food makes the creature look sad and pathetic in the best way. I suppose I just wish the design were a little less simplified.
    JanJager - I think this is my favorite piece I've seen you do. The rendering of the metal is stellar, the design is nigh flawless. It's really believable and speaks entirely for itself. You had my vote from the first wip you posted of this.
    Anthis - Really well done alien design. I love the chrome head and the way it's formed almost like a frozen splash of liquid metal. I wish the arms had the same level of intricacy and execution as they feel a little rushed. In ways I wish the legs were more incorporated with the metallic design, but I think they work as is just fine.
    Rich3 - This design is pretty hard to read. I can understand it well enough, but the positioning of the legs feels ambiguous at times, and the lighting effects from it's seemingly lambent spikes seem underdone. If the detail was really pushed in this one it would be a really solid piece.
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    jrbarker: Decent concept and good anatomy, but the shading and values could be tightened up a lot - as it stands there's insufficient contrast to tell where the creature ends and the background begins around the lower torso. I like the jaw structure.
    lkjhgfdsa Great musculature, novel head structure and a simple but effective background. The fur on the lower legs is very well done.
    Aeronik: Expertly drawn and rendered, but hard to distinguish from an actual rhinocerous. Whilst there's nothing inherently wrong with that, I feel that the extent to which you could adapt any other creature to fill the same niche speaks against the strength of the concept. Anyhow, the art itself is top notch.
    emerging: Really liked this one, great colour choices, solid anatomy and like lkjhgfdsa a simple but effective background.
    (lark: Certainly solid, perhaps not up to your usual standard. I think you could have tightened up the rendering around the bottom of the creature as well as the car, as well as increased the contrast in focal areas.
    Chong: Dynamic pose, decent anatomy, let down by a garish backgound. A story would have been interesting.
    xbert: This one is simple but really tight. Great palette. Excellent economy of strokes.
    porcupine: The blurb adds a lot and makes me think this creature would be right at home picking through junk piles in Shadow of Chernobyl like a terrifying, irradiated version of Snuggles the fabric softener bear.
    JanJager: That's some awesome rendering right there. This pic is very well done with the exception of some smeariness around the top-right background and righ edge of the shell. Those chrome finish eggs (?) are an excellent touch.
    Anthis: Just awesome, and gets my vote. excellent focus.
    Rich3: This creature is anatomically vague and the pic as a whole could have used a lot more polish. Values are good though.

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