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    Want to draw paintings like Angelo Keder...


    I don't know in which way I should describe his painting, but in some kind of way an abstract art with a lot of colours and really realistic.

    I wonder every artist here: What do you get your inspiration from?

    Especially if you have a lot of great new ideas in your art work.

    I just wan't to know what's going on in you brains! I'm eager to know from you guys!

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    Dont try to imitate a particular artist - nothing will stifle your own development and creativity more than slavishly devolving into an artistic eidolon. You can absorb techniques and take inspiration from the works of others, but do not let your own work become a poor copy. Saturate yourself in culture both modern and ancient, past and present, low and highbrow to help fuel your subconscious in the creation of original imagery, as well as intellectually challenging and stimulating yourself at every opportunity. Most of all never surrender.
    THE ABOVE LINK IS ALL YOU NEED <- Sketchbook - filled with unhappy things.

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    Mordus said it all. =)
    Daily sketch !
    Old sketchbook, with apes and ghost towns.
    " Quand un mec raconte une histoire tout en urinant, on appelle ça un récipissé. "

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    thanks for the tips!

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    great minds...

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    There are a limitless number of ways to get an idea. Arenhaus mentioned one method here just a few days ago, explaining about combining things to create a new thing.

    In his book "Mechanika" Doug Chiang suggests getting inspiration from history. Chiang says,
    Speaking of ideas, it may seem as if fantastic worlds demand fantastic ideas. But often that is not the case. Viewing common objects from uncommon points of view can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary; it's a matter of training yourself to observe our world from new perspectives.
    He goes on to say that there's information to be found in looking at history, for example taking an ancient Mayan ceremonial mask and making it "into an exotic robot." or by turning a submarine into a hovering ship.

    He also gets lots of his design ideas just by doodling shapes with markers on a sticky note and then seeing what kind of forms they make. Then turns the forms into robots, ships, creatures, whatever.

    The list of ways could go on and on.
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