First an intro:
I'm a new user, tough I've been lurking on this site when I need inspiration or a morale boost. Been drawing for 3-some years and I'm an autodidact so far. I'm aiming to go to national arts academy of Estonia next year, planning to go into Illustration or Graphic Design. Also I do some free pieces whenever someone asks and I can be arsed to.
I'm mostly active on Facepunch Studios Creationism Corner where I'm disturbingly well known for my unbiased and cynical critiques.

Here's what I've done into my new sketch book for past 2 weeks:

A sketch I did on my way to finland when bored. It's a concept of my halloween costume. Basically the face area was what intrested me the most. Will start building it sometime soon.

Concept sketch of this character for a comic book my friends and I are slowly doing. It's a hunter-ish dude and he has a very special rifle that works just like phlebotium - it doesn't matter.

A doodle. Noticed too late that it looks like what tail is in latin.

Here's what I do when game is taking too long loading itself. Both are 2"-ish long microscoping miniscules

Somthing I finished today, did quite well considering I didn't use any vanishing points, rulers nor did I place a lighting direction. It paid back to me quite painfully, but I like it.

And as something for a bonus or illrelevant, here's my other category I've been trying to get into: props and costumes. My nerf maveric mod

Will be converting a nerf longshot into an AT rifle when I get the chanse.

Didn't use the fancy attatchment manager since they're up on my deviantart and devart is quite stable actually.

So, hello?