I'm putting together a low-budget film and need some concept art for Ayn Rand's Anthem. The purpose of the concept art is to show producers what the film could look like.

Anthem is set in a future primitive world where all technology is lost. The buildings are made of mud-brick, stone, and wood. Everyone dresses in the same simple cotton tunics.

Here is a link to some photos of how the city might look:
(These photos are merely a starting point for your creative input.)

Here is a link to the story Anthem:

I'm looking for two full color drawings/paintings.
1. An open amphitheater like a Spanish bull fighting ring at night. Torches line the perimeter. Five hundred people sit in the tiered seats, while 100 stand in the center pit. Everyone looks to the center at a man tied to a post on a platform surrounded by wood. Two guards and their leader with a torch are about to light the wood to burn the man alive.

2. This is an overhead view of the city in Anthem. The city has about 50 gray mud-brick buildings. All the buildings could house about 100 people each. Every building is roughly the same size and design, although two in the center are slightly larger and distinctive. The amphitheater is set off to the edge of the city. The city is set on a grid, though not perfectly rectangular. The city is surrounded by a wall, like a medieval city, though it is starting to fall into ruins. Outside the city is a large forest and poorly maintained crop fields. The sky is gray as though no sunshine falls on this city. People walk through the street in regimented groups. There are some carts with donkeys, and a small group leads a herd of sheep through the streets.

Please contact me at gregbowyer@yahoo.com with questions.