I am looking for a life-like illustration of a woman in a calico dress from roughly the 1860's era for a historical romance novel's cover.

The character that is the basis for this illustration is:
- white
- in her early 20's
- strawberry blond hair
- bright blue eyes
- wearing chocolate brown calico dress (or light blue if it provided better contrast against dark background).

Background should be relatively unclear, like she's standing in the doorway of a log cabin.

I would like her to be mostly showing the back of her dress, with her looking over her shoulder as if she is looking back at the past.

My budget is around $50 (possibly more if you impress me), with credits in the book for the cover art. I have several more book projects planned, so there is the potential for future work as well.

The image needs to be at least 600 dpi, though a bit higher resolution is preferred, and suitable for use in print or online. The image size should be no smaller than 5.5 x 8.25.

If you are interested, please contact me on my email: kbaney@gmail.com.

Some examples of the period dress can be found: