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    Question Looking for advice on where to learn anatomy

    Hey guys, so ive been recently working on learning zbrush and its going alright so far, ive been thinking about starting to skulpt some figures or creatures but the problem is i dont know jack crap about anatomy, oh sure i could half ass it and it may turn out fair enough, but i would rather get it right the first time around, so my question is this is there anywhere you guys think i could go to learn anatomy, any really good books? maybe a video? maybe a class? i mean i have looked at like an anatomy class at like a community college, but they all seem like learning them more for the prepossess of like medicine, or is that what i should do? im going to be moving to seattle, WA in a few months, if you know anywhere up around there that offers classes on anatomy that would be cool also, pretty much just looking for any suggestions you guys got.
    Thanks a bunch!

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    Umm...don't use posemaniacs. They are really anatomically inaccurate and do not show any bones--which are just as if not more important to know than muscles. is a good place to look for books.

    Anatomy-wise, I use Bridgman for drawing the figure as a whole and understanding masses, and Peck for more accuracy of muscles and bones and such.

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    I personally have a speaker rig loud enough to tear the clothes right off of people on the street so I can do anatomy sketches. Coincidentally, all of my sketches show people in pain and usually with blown eardrums...

    Seriously though, take a look at anything involving the human body. I learned everything I know about anatomy from my high school biology course rather than an art class and I don't think my art's that shitty because of it.
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    I've found eliot goldfinger's human anatomy book to be really awesome because it breaks down the muscles into form and gives you cross-sections so you can really understand how the muscles fit together. And if you can read german Gottfried Bammes is excellent.

    As others have said, Bridgman is really good for understanding the masses of the body. Check Hogarth out too.

    But the best way to learn anatomy imo is to make an ecorche You will understand a LOT in a much shorter amount of time.

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