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    A question about professionalism and blogging

    I guess this is the best place to post this, but if it's not please move

    I recently started up a blog to document my artistic endeavors. I'm also seeking out alternative ways of earning income that do not include minimum wage grunt work (nothing wrong with it, just doesn't gel with me). One of the many possible alternatives I've come across is google adsense. I plan on attending art school soon and would like to use this blog for professional purposes when the time comes (or even more likely, I will buy a domain name).
    My question is, is it unprofessional or in bad taste to run something like google adsense on a professional art blog? I wouldn't want to put off potential clientel as I hope to one day be a freelance illustrator/concept artist/rocket man.

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    I don't think so some of the best art blogs have ads, like Lines and Colors , and Gurney Journey.

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    Theres good ways to use adsense, and bad ways. If you keep it minimal people will respect that you're trying to cover your blogging costs, if people like you they might give you a clickthrough, but if the site looks like the classified page of your local rag, it gets clicked off in under seven seconds.

    You wont make close to a fraction of enough to cover a minimum wage job, if you just stick adsense on your art blog. You need good SEO to drive traffic to your site, you need multiple linkbacks to your site to increase page rankings, and if you want to make enough to cover your beer on Friday nights, you'll need multiple sites all doing the same thing.

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    You need some serious traffic for a pay-per-click model to give you anything resembling an income.

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    If the sole purpose of your blog resolves in the showcasing of your artistic creations, then maybe buying a domain name might be a bit far fetched for a started? I'd be more focused in working towards a visible Portofolio to begin with, and as that becomes more real and up to your standards, maybe consider paying for a domain name and even, if the situation so demands, create a website of your own.

    With that said, I think Google ads are as worthless as it can get. They are unnecessary clutter, if you will. Your blog should be kept simple and straightforward. At least, that'd be the take I'd have if it were mine.

    Best of lucks,

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