The Lemurian is a serial blog that follows Arthur, a desperate scientist who after the death of his fiance, is approached by a mysterious man. The man tells him he has technology that would allow Arthur to see her again., but at what cost?

I've been working on this story for a few months and have had some very positive feedback. I have used a few Concept Art artist for a couple of my post in the past, but I need more. I am reworking the blog because the post have been a bit to long so I will be posting shorter blogs, but then that means I'm gonna need to post more blogs and more blogs means more art. I need detailed/high concept/ super imaginative, black and white sketches for each blog. I'm offering 10 dollars per pic. So if your really good and really quick that could ad up $$$$$. Below I have enclosed the 4th post below. If you want please send me a sketch and the one I pick I will pay and post giving the artist full credit for the illustration.

*****Please read the previous blogs to give you an idea on artistic direction********

Gladius began to slow down as they approached a valley between the Pond Stone Mountains. The rain stopped when Gladius entered the clearing. “Were here,” said Vivian. “What do you mean?” Arthur said with a hint of agitation. Arthur knew the creature was idling just like it had back at the road. He rushed over to the port window and looked out. “Is this some kind of joke… where’s Lavender Walk… where’s the butterfly pavilion?” Arthur said slightly frustrated. “You haven’t a clue what Lavender Walk is, so how would you know if we were here or not?” Vivian said walking over to three large switches on the wall that resembled dimmers in an old theatre. She moved them into the off position. The machine shook a little, startling Arthur for a second, and then stopped. Arthur looked out the window at the surrounding mountains when his focused shift to a small black bunny rabbit grazing in the grass near Gladius’s feet. The voice of man came through on speakers in the cockpit “Back so soon?," the man's voice had a southern drawl, “You say that like you were expecting me to leave you guys hanging” Vivian said walking over to the window next to Arthur. “No comment” said the male voice. “Preparing glev-pad… on my mark…three, Vivian looked at Arthur’s confused face and then back out the window. “Two”…”This is Gladius’s favorite part” Vivian said smiling and puffing away on her cigarette. “One” said the voice, Arthur watched as Gladius’s claw gingerly plucked a small flower off the ground only a few feet away from the bunny, who leisurely hopped away from the menacing paw. Gladius brought the flower up to the window sniffing it. Arthur stood staring at this tiny flower clutched between the thumb and index claw and let out a chuckle, amused by the craziness. Lights inside the cockpit and sounds like a diving submarine began shining and blaring all around him “what’s happening”?

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