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    Weekly Group Paintover Thread

    Not sure the best way this could work, but any suggestions would be helpful. I'd like to have a group of people submit work and the person that posts after you has to do a paintover critique of your work; the work has to be from imagination and has to fit a weekly theme. I'll start the topic off and then more topic ideas can be sent to me via PM and I'll use topics from that. It's basically like daily sketch group but with paintovers. I guess we can start off with this being open to anyone, but once the first nine people (excluding me) have posted a piece, this will be closed to new people or else it would get out of hand. Other people are encouraged to make their own paintover threads like this one, and maybe we can figure out a way to not make it open to anyone. I just want to keep it from getting too cluttered and confusing, but you get the idea. Any suggestions for how to make this work better are welcome (and I hope there isn't something like this already, if so I apologize for not noticing).

    FIRST TOPIC: Elf warrior discovers a dragon's mountain
    (deadline: August 3rd; since we're still figuring things out)

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    This would mean that the last person to submit an image won't get a paintover.

    I'm a bit confused as well, you get a topic which you must draw and then you get others to critique what you drew? I like the idea really as I'm all for giving paintovers (to me they're the best way to learn), but I don't think this will run smoothly.

    On there's a paintover thread where anyone can submit pictures and anyone can give a paintover. It doesn't clutter up so much and almost everybody gets a paintover eventually. Wouldn't that be an idea for this place too?

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