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    help with composition?

    Hi guys!

    I need help with this one, maybe more on the composition and unifying the picture. I think i've looked at it too much, i need fresh eyes..


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    The left side could do with cropping imo.
    What are you trying to achieve in this piece? To me it seems like you are unsure where you want this to go, I could be wrong.
    It also seems that you have treated each piece of information individually rather than working on everything at one time to get it all to relate if that makes sense.
    When it comes to composting I spend quite a lot of time planning thumbnails, trying to capture exactly what I need before I can follow through.
    You want solid foundations to work on. Be sure to spend the time on the underlying structure, or it will bite you in the bum
    Form, Form, Form, Form, Form, Form, Form, Form, Form, Form.

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    I agree with Mr. Man… and not just because he has a great name. When you paint, I’ve found that it’s a good practice to work on the piece as a whole, and work from the back to the front, from dark to light. You also have everything smacked dabbed in the middle of the composition… which, often makes for uninteresting scenes. One other thing, you have the upper part of the tree expanding, and it makes it look more like an hour glass than a tree. I do like the stylization of the girl… especially her nose, and I really hope that you add the fabric flowing from her hair that you have lightly sketched in, because that really works well with her design. One final thing… you really need some lights in this scene, and they should be added early on. A scene without light isn’t really a scene at all.

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    Hey there! It's looking rather good, very sweet graphic style.

    There are definitely some things in your composition that you could work on. First and most important, there is a tangent where background hill touches her face - this is actually terrible, so you must lower the hill and make some space around her head asap.

    Okay, some other thoughts...
    - The style the tree trunk is drawn in doesn't fit with the rest of the image, go with something more flat; I like what you had in the initial sketch on your blog.
    - The canvas is pretty square as it is now, I'd try with a more vertical composition, which will allow you to show a bit more of the sky as well as a bit more of her; it'd be nice to see more of her dress.
    - The trees are all very static, straight... This is a style choice, but consider making them a bit more organic and "flowy", including the tree she's carving in.

    I hope that made some sense. Have fun!

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    thanks for all your comments! they were really very helpful. after several tries and experimenting, especially with the background. here's a new wip. i've been looking at kay nielsen's works recently and i used that for inspiration for this piece.

    i really must stop jumping into detailing early on. it's just too fun to do..

    comments please?

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