OK. I don't have a lot to put in here, considering most things I draw are by hand and I don't have a scanner at my house. (Heh...) I am trying to get more comfortable with drawing on the computer since that's the way the world seems to be headed, though drawing by hand is far more enjoyable for me. I don't really enjoy anything about drawing with the computer except 'undo'. (I know, I know...) In general my skill is very limited; to be honest I've really only drawn manga based people and dragons... but since joining I've started doing a lot of studies on things that I tend to just kind of ignore like hands and feet and how peoples faces should actually look different. : P But unfortunately all of that is done by hand and not scanned.

One of my first attempts at realism on the computer, though I put the original drawing underneath and traced the outline so my proportions would be right. Original

I'll post more when I get more, I suppose. For now, tell me what you think. : )