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    Question Brush Settings and Blending for Digital Painting

    Hello. I'm fairly new to digital painting and I'm wondering what kinds of brush settings people use. I've searched around on these forums, other websites, and YouTube but haven't found much on specific settings that people use. I'm just using a simple hard round brush and varying the size when needed for blocking in color and blending.

    I'm wondering about the pen pressure settings for flow, opacity, and size. Do people generally set pressure sensitivity to all three, one of those settings, or a combination of two? What opacity and flow percentages are usually used? I know that you usually "use what feels comfortable" but are there certain percentage ranges that people mostly use? What are the pros and cons of having only opacity set to pen pressure versus both opacity and flow? Is there any reason to only set flow jitter to pen pressure?

    The most common method I've seen for color blending is to set pen pressure to opacity and/or flow and paint over colors repeatedly while resampling the newly blended colors with the eyedropper tool frequently. Like my previous question about brush settings, which of the two options, opacity and flow, should be set for pen pressure when blending?

    Edit: I forgot to ask this but what spacing settings is good for blocking and blending? I've been using 1% but the color builds up too quickly that way and using a higher setting, like 15%-25% fixes that problem but then it looks blotchy. Is there a way to keep the smoothness of the 1% spacing setting and the slow color build-up without the blotchy look?

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