I am currently doing my thesis about a gameproject we are working on for Second Life in my school at North-Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Finland. I am humbly asking for your assistance to answer few questions so my teachers will not think I assumed this part of my text which is about art directors, concept artists and 3D-modelers.


If you first could tell me your name, which company you work for and what you do there. I will only use real name because it is more convincing as reference than nickname from forums.

What are the essential skills for concept artist/3D-modeler? (knowledge of anatomy? Color theory? Communication skills? Commonly used programs? That sort of things.)

What is the relationship between art director and his/her subjects and what is the relationship between concept artists and 3D-modelers?

Best and worst things in your work & game industry?


Thank you for your participation in advance, this will help me alot.
(and sorry I wasnt sure where to post this inquiry so I hope Lounge was good enough)

- RSiitonen