Created Website. Still under construction. Need Crit
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Thread: Created Website. Still under construction. Need Crit

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    Talking Created Website. Still under construction. Need Crit

    Hi All I am new to this forum.although most of the artwork here tend to fall under the category of realism, my style isn't realism or pretends to be.

    Since that's out of the way I need some highly critical and professional opinions of my website as far as navagation and layout and the artwork found in it.
    here is a link to my website

    even though some of the pages are still undercontruction, please don't hold back. The more honest your are in your critiques the more it will help me.
    Thanks for everything like the site



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    You asked for it...

    Technical crits:
    The way you've set up the b&w, color and misc pages in illustrations mean's that it opens the page twice. While it's fairly safe to assume everyone has javascript, I'd go with the old fashioned way. [I also prefer to keep my toolbars]
    And add titles to you're pages (<title> tag).

    Aesthetic crits:
    The white borders around the links and header aren't helping, I think it would be a good idea to lose them.
    Why have you got the links twice, once as images, once as text? Get rid of one of them.
    In the links you've got ecomics, i assume you mean e-comics, you might want to write it that way, ecomics sounds related to economics.

    Navigation crits:
    Might just be me, but I don't like the fact that you open a new window for the different illustration sections. I don't mind having a new window open to view a picture, but not with something that I might be browsing through.
    I also think the thumbnails are too small, but that seems to be a tendency among some sites.

    Art crits:
    Just in general, I like the b&w, I like the colour (in particular the shark pic), but I'm not so fond of some of the misc stuff. You've got a really nice style with you're coloured stuff. Sorry I couldn't provide better crits for this section, but it isn't really my area.

    It's good to see someone else using frames. Nice job so far.

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