Just a quick tap on the shoulder, NYC is having a sweet organized electronic music (house, progressive house, techno, jungle, etc.) event this summer. After seeing the lineup, looks like the US is finally trying to pull a Southport Weekender. I booked my VIP spot, if you've ever been to PachaNYC or Cielo, then you know how crowded it gets there, you might want to book VIP in advance also. I have an issue being in a crowd with a bunch of shirtless, sweaty guidos, it almost seems like they intentionally keep the chicks out of their little 5-10 man groups, kinda suspect if you ask me. Besides, chicks dig that VIP scene man, just keep your hands on your wallet at all times

Check it out here:


At first they said the price was going up after July 8th, but it's the same as when I booked, so you might want to get in before they change it.