After lasts year's positive reception to 8monkey's release of Toolbag, we've decided to make some major additions and updates. Behold, version 1.0:

For those of you who don't know, Toolbag is a realtime material editor and presentation tool, based on our Marmoset engine. It features HDR image based lighting, and a wide array of material and shading options. It's a quick way to preview your work in a realtime engine (and we do mean quick). We think you'll find it presents your work in a most flattering way. v1.0 has several new features not present in the previous release, most notably:

* Dynamic light creation and editing
* Saveable scene files (save all your toolbag settings)
* Several new sky lighting presets
* Expanded post effects, including SSAO, DOF, and vignette
* Improved light and shadow accuracy and detail
* Expanded material options, including emmissive & gloss maps
* New debug & compositing render modes, preview options
* Greatly improved and reorganized user interface
* A bit of stank on it

And that's just the stuff we can remember. The trial version is a free download so by all means everyone go check it out post-haste. We think you'll like it.

- The 8monkey Team