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Thread: Need Opinions

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    Need Opinions

    Hi Gang,

    This is my first thread & post to any of the areas of I am 60 years of age, and trying to get back what I lost in my 20s. I have been studying with AIOP (Art Institute Online of Pittsburgh) for my B.A. in Graphic Design for about a year now. Most of what I have been studying, so far, has been liberal academics. Now that I am receiving some courses on the different aspects of my major; I thought I would throw a few images at you, and see what you opinions are of how things are progressing.

    This is a ficticious bookcover I did for concept design. All these images are from submissions in my concept design course.

    Need Opinions

    This is a caricature using extracted images and type to create a page ad to sell the character.

    Need Opinions

    This is a wine label exercise. I thought this came out rather well for my first try.

    Need Opinions

    You can be as brutal as you want with your critiques, but true honesty is what I am looking for here. I can take constructive criticism.

    Take care, John

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    These look like images from my Digital Manipulation course. I'm at AIPOD myself.

    I like the book cover and it does follow in the title of the book. But, I'm not sure how well it fits in with the book itself. Did you look up the book? Read it, etc?

    My recommedation for the wine botle: Firstly, I would change the font on the left. Honestly, it is quite hard to read. Secondly, I would check out the warp tool in Photoshop. The label is a bit too squared off to appear as a label. I think you warpped it a bit, it would sink in to the bottle a bit more.

    Welcome to CA. I hope you enjoy your stay.
    FFFred. I love that name!!! I did that same one. I'll have post up images later. A suggestion from my teacher to me was to have the character actually flip something. It was just a thought from her, and I have the same thought when I viewed mine, and yours as well.
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    Just about every time I see the stroke tool or some distort tool used on type I have to roll my eyes. It almost always gives your designs an amateur look. This really hurts the Food image more than anything.

    The book cover gets the point across fine. It's easy to read. However you definitely need to work on your Photoshop skills, as the image is distractingly choppy. For example don't just blur the grass in front of the rock, it needs to have individual strands showing and such. Also on the type, there seems to be no planned color scheme.

    The McInnes type needs to be brought down closer to the glass so that the eye doesn't have to venture so far away from the image. Then you can crop off the unnecesary space at the top. The image is very unballanced, with items falling off the bottom and only empty air at the top, so see if you can ballance it out more.

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    I'll just tackle the Catcher in the Rye cover...

    Did you read the book? If no, why not? If yes, how does your cover relate to the text, besides straight narrative? Why is Holden in black & white and everything else in color? Why doesn't the lighting on any of the elements match? Why are the children Asian? Why is the "rye" field green with dandelions? Why is Holden's imaginary rye field in the middle of Central Park? How is he going to keep the children from going over the cliff when he's on the wrong side of it? Why is the cliff so tiny? Why is the modern skyline on a book set in the early '50s? Why are the buildings and children cropped so uncomfortably on the left side? Why did you leave off the "the" in the title? Why did you pick such a boring font? Why orange with a green outline? Why both an exterior and interior drop shadow?
    (And yes, I already know the answers to half of these questions. But they're not good answers.)

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    I'll just hastle you for the wine bottle, because that is by far your best. Over all it's a text book case of uninspired. First off I can't read it on first glance and secondly it doesn't form into a real logo. If it's not instantly readable, Then it needs to grab you and force you to read it. Successful branding gives the alphabet a new letter. It doesn't look like you've learned the value of good spacing. (rant) As a matter of fact it doesn't look like AIOP has taught you anything valuable. I recommend you drop out and go to community college until you are ready for a better option. I can't stand to see good people overpaying for under education. There is a legion of dispassionate graphic design teachers leading a nation of distasteful designers. Don't worry I'm a citizen too. Welcome to CA

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    Thanks all for your input. That's strange, your critiques are very similar to the students and instructor at AIOP. Well done, I have gotten a lot from your feedback. I thought I would add them here to see what the similarities were, if any, between school and the real world.

    As far a my education goes I will stay where I am. I have known others that have changed schools and ran into extreme difficulties with funding, credit transfers, and lack of proper courses. Let's face it folks, these schools are all after the all mighty buck. If I could find a true master, he would be in a cave producing his master pieces, and I would be his apprentice, no pay from either side. So, I am not going to deal with schooling issues here. Everyone has their own preferences, and beefs against several schools.


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