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    Monitor VS. 1080p LCD TV

    First of all

    Anyway. I'm making a big move and I want to have a massive monitor in my new space, but I don't want to break 1k.

    One day I was able to hook up my laptop to my Samsung LCD Flatscreen just for kicks and was pleasantly surprised that everything worked pretty smoothly. No problems with PS:CS... Even videos played pretty nicely, and the computer didn't seem to be in struggling any more than normally. I cant use that one though because it is way to big at 52" and I cant sit in the living room doing that all day like a moron.

    So, instead of getting a new pricey monitor just for the sake of high resolution, why not just get a massive 37"1080p LCD Screen, and use it as a monitor. It's cheaper than most monitors at comparable size, plus...extra tv!

    Only thing is that I might have to move back from the wall a bit when mounted so my eyeballs didnt burn out. And the resolution wont be higher than 1080.

    Comments? Arguments?

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    I'm currently using a 40" 1080p TV as my main monitor. It has worked out well.

    And having to move away from the screen a bit is nice, as sitting too close is bad for the eyes in the long run.

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    im looking into getting the new panasonic tx-L37d25. Its looking extremely crispy res definately good for a high quality digital canvas. im having to save up to get this though bout 900+ £
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    You will have a hard time trying to calibrate colors on your LCD TV. There's a lot of mechanisms in modern LCD TVs to make picture crisp and colors super vivid and your produced artwork could differentiate significantly on an average PC monitor, not to mention printing. I'm also afraid it won't be very ergonomic in a long run. Just a few thoughts, maybe it will work out for you.

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    Not to mention the color gamut is much smaller! Stick with *-IPS/PVA PC monitors if you need good picture.

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