Anyone else got a smartphone like an Android powered one?

Amazon had recently released kindle for Android phones. This is awesome, and I picked up quite a few books that are for free on Kindle.

In addition I have an ipod Touch and just d/l iOS4 (which is pretty buggy and annoying) but in its release came iBooks. Since they're using the Gutenberg Project for the books, I picked up The Practice and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed.

In addition iBooks reads PDFs and that is another bonus since I have some old books in PDF format. I put the Loomis books on the ipod touch and now I got a portable library. There is a bit of stalling when it reads PDFs and I think navigating could be a bit better, but still this is an excellent resource for carrying books without the weight.

Are there any free books, ebooks tips and tricks anyone wants to share? (Besides the book on 100s of free ebooks thread of course).