Hello everybody,
I hope this is the right forum to be posting this question on. Basically, I am new to the website so, hello I am 22 have done Art all my life, I am currently finishing of a Fine Art: Sculpture degree, previous to that I did 2 years of Architecture. Before studying for degree I used to draw all the time, I did a lot of life drawing, however in the past 3 years my way of working in my studies has not required much drawing, it has either been technical drawing or just model making. I am gradually becoming more and more interested in the idea of becoming a concept artist or illustrator and am realising the importance of drawing. Ironically, being on a degree course, much of my time to draw is taken away from me and I can only teach myself in my spare time. I plan to do some proper short courses in the skills required for concept art after university, but until then I was wondering if anyone could help me get started on my own by outlining the basic skills and theories I will need to learn and if possible giving me a list of the best books or video tutorials I can learn from, particularly for drawing.
Thank you very much and this is an awesome website