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    James Gurney says hi...

    Went to Anthrocon 2010 today. Met James Gurney, really awesome and humble person. Would have loved to talk to him more one-on-one but he was busy (as expected, and I asked questions as much as I could)

    Saw his 'Imaginative Realism' presentation (was late so missed a few minutes). The other presentation was on 'Color & Light' (book coming out in November), both presentations were awesome...the only downside was they were about an hour each I was prepared to treat it as a class too, and take a crapload of notes. Instead I had trouble taking some notes because he went so fast.

    Unfortunately, I did not bring a camera or videotape. ): (I went for only 1 day, was kind of the last minute thought).

    Asked him to autograph both his Imaginative Realism book; that I have, and also the Massive Black Vol. 1 book; the reason I asked him to autograph that book was because I thought some people at MB might have seen, know, and/or met him.

    Anthrocon was fun...kind of quiet, which was nice; of course this was for Thurs.-Sun. so I don't know how much ruckus was caused two days before. Bought his 'Home Planet' Portfolio book (never had a Portfolio book/keepsake, this is the first one).

    Mentioned I found about his blog through and he said: 'Give those guys a shoutout...tell them I said Hi!' of course I don't know how much he knows about this site or MB.

    It's always awkward trying to talk to professional artist, never know what to say. I ended up kind of meandering around his booth (back and forth up and down the dealer's room...feel terrible I really hope he didn't think i was annoying).

    So yeah, that was my day...and no I did not get man-handled by people in fursuits, thank god! I have nothing against furries or their art though.

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    James Gurney says hi...

    No really
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    One of use should do our own rendition of Hercules giving the thumbs-up.

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