I think it may be a good idea to start a thread listing various art programs.

People are free to add on, however, let's try to do a format to make it easier for people to make a decision to download.



Freeware or Low Cost Art Programs

This is a digital painting program that takes most of its looks and cue from Corel Painter. There is a free and paid version (I have an older version so I do not know what is the differences between the recent - but I'll update).

Advantages: Layers, Ability to use transparency, and brush customization. In addition it allows selections, and PSD format (among others). Tablet friendly.
It includes Event playback, similar to Open Canvas so users can see what you painted (have not tried this)

Disadvantages: GUI can be confusing at times - it looks too much like Painter. GUI may appear rather dated. Software is Windows Only. You may need to pay to get certain features.

Personal Experience. This is actually a good beginner's program and personally I use it on occasion. Artweaver was done on the Painting Apples experiement

Freeware or Low Cost Art Programs