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Thread: Been about 8 years..

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    Been about 8 years..

    It has been about 8 years since I last drew something, I guess the fact that it took me about 20 minutes to get this as correct as I can is evident.

    What do you guys think?

    Been about 8 years..

    It's just a sketch for now. Honestly my level can not get any better than that really. I'm going to return to art now that im in college and thought I'd see where I am.

    I know it just appears as something most of you guys could do in 5 seconds but that's the best I can do atm and probably the best human figure I've ever done.

    I was "inspired" by The Terminator although I am proud because I did not look at any images or videos while doing this figure!!

    Been about 8 years..

    Ok so now I'm open to what you guys think. I know there are some flaws like his arm muscles are not equal and I am horrible at drawn the human head...
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    Hey, well you know I think you sholud start in the sketchbook forum first. There you might have a chance to get a comment after some time posting. Theese forms are, in my opinion focused at more advenced work. Dont take it as an offence, its just an advice. Back to your drawing, I guess you should try to do more sketches of the figure, with better reff picture (Its hard to see shapes on this one). Take a look at and try some of that. Send me a note after you poste something . Looking forward to see more. Bye
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    Oh sorry I was thinking the other way, I figured this was more concept since most of those sketch book work was awesome and mines wasn't lol. Do i make another thread there or will the mods move this one? ..I'm not sure if this really deserves another thread.
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    As a fellow N00b I can tell you that this forum with such a high concentration of art especially amazing art means when you have a sketchbook with stuff that isn't amazing you won't get many or in my case any comments. I think I got one actually.

    But you have put pen to paper and that is the first step. I recommend the tutorial forum..

    That is the place to browse and find ways to improve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caprica12
    I am proud because I did not look at any images or videos while doing this figure!!
    Not something to be proud of Besides, pride should not even be in the picture at this point. You NEED references. They will help you get better.

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