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Ivi, Fallen Let me to justify. I know that photos pieces it's much cheating, but there is another side of painting exist. It's thoughts that you put on your work. And for this period i'm just stoping myself if just trying to
concentrate on render and painting technic. I deny myself to think on drawing language if will arrive just "candy" strockes painting. Don't you some time reject some ideas because to complex to realise? There is one nice thing - there is no such things that we cant tell drawing. Not important you carry what clothes, important as you behave. When i fell myself strong enoughf and free to draw most mad and complex thing which come in my mind then, i think, become time to take care about rules of painting.
Nu smotri, pered moim uhodom iz CA ya pomnil chto ti pitalsya nayti rabotu v industrii...poetomu i soveti dayu po etoy teme.
Yesli eti raboty tak prosto...hmmm...skazem...poleti misli, togda skazaty o nih osobo nechego....a mozet i ne nuzno.

I'll join the rest by saying, yeah those last pics do look awesome!