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    How to Price Character Sketches?

    I'm doing some concept sketches/character designs for an iphone app studio and I'm unsure of how much I should charge. They want different ideas and shots from different angles. I think they're just sketches, basic ideas at first and then the character design but I'd like to hear opinions on all variations of pricing. I could just start low, but I'm not even where to start. Any help would be very appreciated!
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    You should have a contract stating this before you agree to do the work. Never take work without knowing the compensation involved, it is unprofessional. If you don't know what your time is worth then you aren't ready to work.

    There is no set fee, charge what you want or take what they are willing to pay those are your only two choices.

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    Doing a similar type of job at the moment, actually...

    What I do is I negotiate approximately how many sketches will be delivered (and how many rounds of sketches/revisions will be done, and approximately how many sketches are expected in each round) and then guesstimate how many hours it will take me to do them, apply my hourly rate for this kind of work (which may vary depending on the client and/or type of job), and then draw up a contract accordingly.

    If the client is amenable to time-and-materials, I'll get a purchase order or contract specifying something like:

    (description of work) at (X dollars per hour)

    Usually most of my clients want a price cap, though, and in that case the contract will specify something like:

    (more specific description of work stating total number of deliverables and revisions, to limit the total hours worked) at (X dollars per hour, up to X number of hours)

    In any case, you should always get something in writing stating the nature of the work and the payment - before you do the work!

    Be warned that if you haven't done many jobs like this, you may find yourself under- or over-estimating, and depending on the contract you may have to renegotiate (or just eat the difference and make less profit than you'd planned.) But as time goes by you start to get a pretty good sense of how long things take. Track your hours, even if you aren't getting paid by the hour - you can refer back to them when making future estimates.
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