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    Unhappy The Cliched Topic- Ringling or Savannah?

    Hiii, so I have a problem : /

    I want to go to Art College, and definately either major in Illustration or Sequential Design [i'm not positive on my other major, but i'm thinking video games or animation]. The two main art college's i'm looking into are Ringling College of Art and Design and Savannah College of Art and Design...

    I know this topic is cliche, but please help.

    Some things to know:
    I've visited RCAD and SCAD.

    From where I live, Ringling is about 3 hours away. Its also in Florida, so bright futures would apply [though only a little, because Ringling is a private school.]

    From where I live, SCAD is about 7 hours away. Its not in my state, so bright futures wouldn't apply, obviously.

    I've gone on a tour to SCAD, but not an official tour of Ringling [working on it].

    I want your advice, pros and cons about this. I know i'm the one who makes the final decision, but it helps to listen to other people's point of views

    When I visited SCAD, I got a little worried about security and safety. Of course, it shouldn't be so much an issue if I keep my smarts about me, but i'd like to know about that as well.

    Any additional comments regarding SCAD and RCAD [like events, festivals, etc] is welcome and wanted!

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    I have been getting a few questions from some SCAD potentials and would be happy to field any questions you still have regarding it. I'll be going into my Senior year (Sequential Art major) next year. I'm sure you can find someone who went to Ringling to get their impressions.

    When I visited SCAD, I got a little worried about security and safety. Of course, it shouldn't be so much an issue if I keep my smarts about me, but i'd like to know about that as well.
    Security has never been an issue for me. I've always felt safe despite taking late classes and walking everywhere. It's certainly not perfect but safety of the students and faculty there has been very solid over all the years I've been there.

    As for events/pros/cons/etc. PM me with what you're looking for or want answered and I'll try to lay out everything I know concerning them.

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    likewise I can answer questions you may have about Ringling. :)
    I'm going to back as a junior in computer animation there this fall. I've also worked events like portfolio day and accepted students day for the past two years and give tours at events too.

    fyi on security, ringling's not exactly in the safest part of town either and there've been incidents from time to time but I've always felt pretty safe there too. It's such a small campus and some member of public safety is usually around the corner.

    I live 3 hours away from ringling too! :P As a florida resident not only would bright futures apply but also would the Florida Residency Access Grant (aka FRAG, I think that's what it's called...) which is a grant for 3k$ a year for students attending private schools and staying in state. (although looking at my records it looks like it's more in the neighborhood of 2.5k, likely as a result of the economy/state budget).

    fell free to message me with any specific questions.
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    I am also a SCAD student. Valiyn's a senior, so he or she will have much better insight. But if you'd like the view from someone who's just completed their Freshman year (I'll be going into Sequential Art as well), then toss me a PM!

    I actually wanted to go to Ringling REALLY badly, but that was back when I thought I was going to do Animation, and it was too late for me to apply. Also, my grades and GPA weren't exactly the greatest in high school, so I was lucky for getting into SCAD. (My GPA was above SCAD's minimum requirement, and my portfolio was decent.) Speaking of which, my portfolio wasn't exactly stellar, either. So... Yeah. I guess my ending up at SCAD was pure destiny. XD

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