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    Figure drawings, paintings, and other fine arty things

    I don't know if this is kosher. I started a thread in the sketchbook section, but then I realized this is a better place for my figure drawings and paintings and things, so I'm gonna repost all of the figure drawings and things, and keep the sketchbook for more sketchbook-like things. I hope thats allowed.
    Anyways, my name is Felipe, and I'm 16 years old. I'm very much interested in following a career in art. In a week, I'll be going to the RISD pre-college program. Im hoping ll be able to update from there.

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    You look like you're on a good path. I see you have Alla Prima, do you have Bridgman and Vanderpoel? They're both good books to copy construction. You're lucky to be so young and on a good road in your learning! Good luck with the summer program, I look forward to seeing more!


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    Some more

    Thanks for the comment Raileyh! I'm a big fan of all the stuff you do, so I really appreciate it. I don't have either of those books, but once i found Bridgman's book online and copied from it for a while. I can't seem to find the book now, so I guess I should buy it.
    Here's some more stuff.
    My biggest complain with the Monday figure drawing groups at Hartford Art School is that poses are way too short. All the gouache figure drawings I tried have to be really quick. I try to focus on color and value more than anything else.
    Hoping I'll get to do longer poses at Rhode Island, but I'm not so sure.
    There's some quick copies, one off of Sargent portraits, and one from an Ingres portrait.
    One of them is a watercolor portrait of my dad. I'm having a lot of trouble with watercolor. The whole thing with transparent washes is hard for nailing down color and calue correctly. Also, are you supposed to mix with a pallete knife beforehand like with oils, or with the brush, right before putting in the color? I've had more trouble finding good methodology with watercolors on websites like Concept Art than with oils. Any advice would be appreciated,.
    The last one is a self-portrait in gouache I tried starting, but I ended it in frustration. I don't know if I was working too small, with innappropriate lighting, innapropriate brushes, or if I'm just a big baby. Anyways, I kind of like it as a quick study-kinda thing.

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