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  • Vic Gonzales

    1 1.61%
  • Arbinn

    3 4.84%
  • jrbarker

    0 0%
  • Wixxi

    1 1.61%
  • Lodin

    8 12.90%
  • dannE-B

    11 17.74%
  • Zarquino

    0 0%
  • P

    5 8.06%
  • porcupine

    0 0%
  • Jatari

    5 8.06%
  • runriot

    4 6.45%
  • basti0n

    0 0%
  • ssandulak

    5 8.06%
  • (lark

    8 12.90%
  • YUZworks

    0 0%
  • J-Sun

    0 0%
  • chinadrgn

    1 1.61%
  • Kreator

    10 16.13%
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    C.O.,W. #181_Wrinkled Wanderer with Colorful Companion_Voting!

    C.O.W. #181 Wrinkled Wanderer with Colorful Companion - VOTING!!



    Topic: Wrinkled Wanderer with Colorful Comapnion

    Deadline for the voting: Monday July 5th, 2010

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    Artist: VIC GONZALEZ

    Concept: WALBINS
    Hi.I´m Vic Gonzalez, a spanish illustrator.. I´m very happy of participate in this forum. (Sorry for my english....jejeje).This is a old creature with a young helper..... I try to accoplish all conditions in a fast fast illustration. I hope you like this concept art. I am pleased to meet you all.

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    Artist: Arbinn

    Concept: Plain Walker & Rainbow Phoenix

    Plain walkers can be seen wandering alone in the deserts patrolling their huge territories and seeking oases to drink from. Their uncommon companions are often mistaken for a mirage due to their extreme colors. The companions presumably seek refuge from the plain walkers since predators avoid attacking them.

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    Artist: jrbarker

    Concept: Gurn with Shrik

    The slow and lumbering Gurn lives for hundreds of years. It has formed a symbiotic relationship with the Shrik, a small winged creature. The Shrik can easily fly across the countryside and find food for the Gurn. In return, the Shrik gains protection. The Gurn has a thick skin that is unapealing to any of the planet's apex predators. By hanging out around the Gurn, the Shrik has safe shelter in a brutal world.

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    Artist: Wixxi

    Concept: Rain Forrest Elk & Mango Bird
    The rain forrest elks are creatures that grow very old. They wander rainy forrested areas in exotic regions of the world. Although they are very shy animals they have a loyal companion who stands guard for potential danger. The mango bird is a very alert creature, it has incredible sight reflexes and can spot threats miles away. They often fly off from their companion elk for several minutes searching the skies and fields below. Because of this extraordinairy teamwork the two creature have a very high life expectancy. In times of danger, when to many predators are around the elk can withdraw to dry lands, he then lives of the reserves he has stocked in the form of fat all over his body.
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    Artist : lodin

    Concept : The Gigantic Moronus and Little Spotted Dumbas were the first observation of a phenomenon still unknown, the symbiotic behavior.
    The first is equipped with two front legs giving it a strong stamina for long journeys.The smallest has a very important visual acuity. The problem is he also atrophy of the brain that makes decisions, so that the two spend most of their time sitting in the shade of a tree, hungry.

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    Artist: dannE-B

    Concept: Fat old Bird and little monkey
    Its a mutual relationship between these two, one gatheres fruits from the surrounding trees while the other helps with the passing of rivers. As their surrounding is made up of rivers and tree land areas, it works rather well .

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    Artist: Zarquino

    Concept: Lazy bangaloo and Damned Infernal Kitten

    Loneliness is a bad mate, and when Flawr found a little cat down a tree thought it would be good not to be alone. Didn't it thing about the origin of the cat. Cathulu was expelled from hell cause of being too cute... but the cuttest hell-cat brings the hell to your before-quiet life.

    C.O.,W. #181_Wrinkled Wanderer with Colorful Companion_Voting!

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    Artist: P

    Concept: Big and tired with annoying little one

    Somewhere in unknown desserts, here travels a wanderer, old and tired. He made a friend there. He wish his new friend was someone more intellectual, but hes still happy with this luxury to have a companion in this never ending dessert...

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    Artist: porcupine

    Concept: Korobird and June Squirrel

    When young, these large flightless Korobirds display massive colorful plumage to attract a mate and defend their territory. When they grow older they gradually loose their feathers and when they no longer can defend their territory they are driven away wandering to find unclaimed ground. Since Korobirds tend to claim huge territories the search is most likely in vain and the old specimen ends up wandering until they perish. To make matters worse this specimen has fallen victim to a June Squirrel. While not a true parasite these small animals usually cling to larger animals, using them as transportation and stealing whatever food the host finds. June Squirrels are noisy, irratating, agile and elusive creatures and very hard to get rid of for their hosts.

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    Artist: Jatari

    Concept: The Warpul and the ninjrat in the slums of Vespine City

    The Warpul travels from city to city in search of company and food. Prior to colonization many Warpuls lived along the banks and rivers, that have since been transformed into slums and sewers. The Warpuls are generally gentle creatures that use scent to communicate with the other animals in the city. Humans justified hunting them because of their fowl smelling odor, devastating the social lives of the Warpul. Lone Warpuls have been found to have suicidal tendencies. Today their lifespans are considerably longer than their city companions, so as each companion dies the Warpul moves on to the next city in search of new companions.
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    Artist: runriot

    Concept: Ortha

    Old and huge "ortha" walking on magma.
    It's very old; from the times the earth is still hot, and there is no land to live for humans. so they live on orthas, till the earth become colder. Flying little one is something like ortha's babe but independent species.
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    Artist: Basti0n

    Concept: Yggaraseed and Constant Gardener
    Yggaraseed is as the name implies, a mythic creature born from the mother tree. Unfurled from the roots of the Yggrasill this large amphibian/plant symbiosis travels to remote areas of the world bearing a living sapling of the mother tree. Nutrients are sucked from the seed bearer as it travels, wasting and withering the creature so it appears very old. While the yggaraseed dies to plant the tree and nourish the tree its job is fullfilled.

    The constant gardener is an embodiement of the young sapling and travels with and leads the yggaraseed. It can defend the bearer with its claws and whiplike tendrils and grows stronger as the tree grows. The gardener also takes care of the tree physically by performing trimmings and keeping parasites from taking root. When finally the yggaraseed dies and the tree begins to root in the soil of its new home the constant gardener melds with the plant to proliferate the rooting of the tree and rejoin its energies for the future growth of the tree.
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    Artist: ssandulak

    Concept: Escalador and Spidaremon monkey
    The Escalador wanders aimlessly until it's eventual demise. Accompanied by all sorts of companions but most frequently seen with the colorful Spidaremon monkeys. The Escalador has been known to walk off cliffs because of their bad eyesight.
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    Artist: (lark

    Concept: lumonis the wise, and twiglish the dim

    Attachment 1007281

    lumonis is a member of one of the most intelligent species in the universe but very slow and cant really take care of himself along his journey for enlightenment. twiglish on the other hand comes from a very stupid species of bumbling foolish furry little guys that miraculously not died out from natural selection. he worships lumonis and listens to his advice, without him he would die in silly ways like jumping off cliffs and running into the mouths of predators. he is fast and nimble though so he helps lumonis by following his orders to go get food for both of them, and just as a basic helper.

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