Moved from "under $500" forum... sorry for the mess, I wish I could just delete the previous entry! No idea how. I go to edit, but there is no delete option . Anyways, the contest details are below:

League of Aquatic Heroes (a webcomic: is gonna be running a contest over the next month or so (maybe two). This is for all the artists out there interested in creating a piece of fanart of any of the characters. It can be singles, or pairs, or the group, anything… as long as it is LOAH related.

The art piece can be in any medium you wish and will be posted in a fanart section on this site for all to see. There’s an “open” deadline of July 15th for submissions. After that point our favorite piece will be selected and the artist will receive a $40 prize and top-listed in the fanart section. All submissions will also link to any gallery or portfolio site you send with the entry.

LOAH Blog post:

Thanks in advance for checking it out at least and good luck!