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Thread: Torbjörn learns to paint (ATELIER stuff +more)

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    Hey there - Honestly, I don't think you have to worry. Listen - there's people here in this town who are selling art and have built up a career doing it who have NO way near the level of skill you do. If I was an art director I'd look at your work and go - this kid's got it. Even the tiny bits of stuff you've done from imagination show that you have exactly that - imagination...

    What I'd say is do a bunch of simpler ink style digital concept work from imagination - stuff that you can sketch out over a couple of hours rather than full blown illustrations.

    Keep the faith - you have what it takes I am 100% certain of that.


    Oh and if you want to watch me paint live I recently got introduced to this thing called picarto TV... It's nice to do art and share it - if you have any questions it's great to talk too! I'm painting pretty much 12 hours a day so you'll most likely find me - unless I'm eating

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    I didn't know I had gotten so many new comments on this thread!
    Guess the email notification didnt work.

    But thats great, really appreciate the kind words!

    kimmykun thanks, glad you like it =)

    nim thanks man! ye, I'll see if I can find some group, you know any?
    I loved hanging out at crimson daggers stream a few years ago, but I dont know whats around now.

    BlindLynx Thats quite some praise! I guess I could, dont know if I would want to though ^^ seems lame to work for galleries and all that.
    Also working in this field has always been my dream. I would consider doing both however.

    Kelvin Liew Thank you very much for the encouragement! I think I needed that...
    I have started to paint digitally a bit again, and it feels great.
    I will try and do some smaller sketch ideas like you suggested, thanks.
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    Your sketchbook and study is amazing !! Your sense observation is crazy. Great artist .Thank you for sharing !
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