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    Det går bra, har precis börjat mitt stilleben, och så gör vi 2 olika krokimålningar.
    Den ena är grisaille undermålning (färg glaseras? på efter) och den andra är färg direkt.

    Vi jobbar med comparative measurement på kroki, och sight size för stilleben/statyer.
    4-5 veckor för kroki. 1-3 månader för stilleben/statyer.

    Jag har en hel del foton på alla delsteg i processen för mina kroki, och staty målningar.
    Tänkte jag kunde lägga upp steg för steg hur en bild har gjorts om du har lust o se?
    Verkar rätt dött här i min sb dock så blir väl mest för dig då haha

    Såg också på FB att du hade vandrat i spanien, det verkade riktigt fantastiskt.
    får catchea upp nån dag

    Eftersom det är sista året för mig här nu och jag inte gjort nåt alls från fantasi på typ 2 år tänkte jag
    försöka jobba på det nu...så ge mig gärna tips om du vill

    Lägger till lite bilder från imagination, bara enkla gråskala grejer som start..
    tänkte göra det ett tag, sen se om jag kan välja ut nån thumbnail o göra en illustration förhoppningsvis..

    Name:  tobz 2014-10-16 sketch.jpg
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    Name:  tobz 2014-10-16 sketch 2.jpg
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    Name:  tobz 2014-10-20 sketch.jpg
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Size:  86.7 KBName:  tobz 2014-10-14 sketch.jpg
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    Name:  tobz 2014-10-12 sketch 3.jpg
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Size:  129.6 KBName:  tobz 2014-10-12 sketch.jpg
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    Name:  tobz 2014-10-12 sketch 2.jpg
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Size:  93.6 KBName:  tobz 2014-10-14 sketch 2.jpg
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    Name:  tobz 2014-10-13 sketch.jpg
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    great progress man!! haven't dropped by here in a while, but holy crap these latest paintings look amazing dude! that unfinished back view of the chick is insane ! love that one just how it is! keep the posts coming man!!
    Some Sketchbooks you should check out! --->
    (expect this list to change alot)

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    Tjo! det låter awesome! Hade gärna sett processen och lite tankar bakom varje moment. Skriv gärna på engelska så alla kan ta del av the goodness!!

    Kul att se lite av dina grejer igen. Vet inte riktigt vad för tips du vill ha, men hjälper gärna om jag kan hur säker känner du dig på perspektiv?

    yeah vi får catcha upp ngn dag. Jag planerar att resa lite i sommar nästa år. Vill jättegärna till florens och kolla in angel academy. Kanske kan ordna nått om du är där under sommaren också.

    anyways, kel att du postar. Ser framemot att se mer! Keep it up

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    Realized I hadn't posted these charcoal drawings yet.
    I did these in my 2nd year, before starting painting.
    The program goes, graphite->charcoal->painting

    Name:  PC120033 cropped small.jpg
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    Name:  PC120019.jpg
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    Name:  PC120025.jpg
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    Name:  PC120039-2-2 small.jpg
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    Graduated from Angel Academy of Art =)
    Here are my paintings from the 3rd year.

    I did a step by step of the painting below on my blog
    I can post the whole step by step here on CA if there is interest, but for now, its just on my blog..

    Man, its so scary to finish school!
    And I have totally neglected working from imagination.
    And I totally suck at doing anything other than figures and still life's.

    Where do I start??
    I'm working at a "normal" job right now, to save up money to go freelance illustrator afterwards.
    So at the moment I have hardly any time to paint. Maybe after work, and then some on the weekends.

    I'm thinking maybe to do some movie stills and landscape studies, to get into digital painting again.
    And then try and brainstorm some ideas for illustrations...
    But the tiiime, that I don't have.
    I would love to do 3 hour studies and then go on to do 8 hour personal work per day but fukk..

    I feel that I shouldn't spend too much time on studies, I have just spent 3 years doing just that.
    And I have limited amount of time.
    But I also feel that there is so much missing in my skill set (landscapes and such)

    Maybe I should do movie stills.. then brainstorm ideas for illustration, after I have worked up a sketch, do studies for it.
    That's sort of how I did it a few years ago.

    After the summer I will finish this normal job, and go full time freelance, I will have saved up enough money to stay a float for about 1 year.
    I will then go on to work on my portfolio full time for a few months probably, before even trying to get a freelance gig.
    So even if I don't paint during these months I will still have time to do it later. But I'm going crazy not painting now =P
    Stresses me out, feels like I'm gonna lose my skills, I'm not gonna get a job and so on..... and also I just feel depressed when I'm not creating anything..

    SO help me out someone?? =D

    Name:  P4010016-6 exp +0.12 small.jpg
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    Name:  PC110034-cropped-small.jpg
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    Name:  PC080256-smaller.jpg
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    Name:  P4010020 cropped.jpg
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    Name:  P4010036-4 cropped.jpg
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    Name:  P4010051-2.jpg
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    Wow, you have done so many studies!

    I made sure to bookmark this sketchbook for further reference.

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    Congrats on graduating! Beautiful atelier works!
    In the meantime you can join some good fb groups and get on some hangouts in the evenings and talk to people who freelance :-) Keep surrounding yourself with people who have the same goals. You'll be there before you know it :-)
    ca | pn | cd | zbc | da | as | tumblr | fb | hire me

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    Congrats mate! You're works are probably the best accademic pieces I've never seen... You could consider to become a painter instead than an illustrator. The second work in post #134 is freaking amazing! With all these knowledge you could face contemporary paint... Just keep to look around, and things will come, and never give up =)

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    Hey there - Honestly, I don't think you have to worry. Listen - there's people here in this town who are selling art and have built up a career doing it who have NO way near the level of skill you do. If I was an art director I'd look at your work and go - this kid's got it. Even the tiny bits of stuff you've done from imagination show that you have exactly that - imagination...

    What I'd say is do a bunch of simpler ink style digital concept work from imagination - stuff that you can sketch out over a couple of hours rather than full blown illustrations.

    Keep the faith - you have what it takes I am 100% certain of that.


    Oh and if you want to watch me paint live I recently got introduced to this thing called picarto TV... It's nice to do art and share it - if you have any questions it's great to talk too! I'm painting pretty much 12 hours a day so you'll most likely find me - unless I'm eating


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    I didn't know I had gotten so many new comments on this thread!
    Guess the email notification didnt work.

    But thats great, really appreciate the kind words!

    kimmykun thanks, glad you like it =)

    nim thanks man! ye, I'll see if I can find some group, you know any?
    I loved hanging out at crimson daggers stream a few years ago, but I dont know whats around now.

    BlindLynx Thats quite some praise! I guess I could, dont know if I would want to though ^^ seems lame to work for galleries and all that.
    Also working in this field has always been my dream. I would consider doing both however.

    Kelvin Liew Thank you very much for the encouragement! I think I needed that...
    I have started to paint digitally a bit again, and it feels great.
    I will try and do some smaller sketch ideas like you suggested, thanks.

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    Your sketchbook and study is amazing !! Your sense observation is crazy. Great artist .Thank you for sharing !

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