A Curiouser and Curiouser Series- The Pool of Tears is a stylized fantasy steam-punk re-envisioning of the Wonderland Universe from author Erin Pyne.
Full color illustrations on every page surround novel style prose in this new comic from What the Flux comics.

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Debuts July 15th!
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Eighteen-year-old Alice emerges from the pool of tears in Wonderland. Time-cursed Hatter leads Alice in her search for a way home and both realize they may be more than just friends as they become caught between the vain Queen of Hearts and the masked Red Queen in a mad race for the White Rabbit, each for their own ends. The Queen of Hearts wants the Watch of Wonderland to summon Time and the Red Queen is out to destroy the Rabbit Hole. Hatter blames Time for his tea addiction and realizes that the cure in within his grasp. Fighting mechanical chess pieces and eluding a deck of armed Suits, Alice and Hatter find the Cheshire Cat, whose answers only create more questions.