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    Advice on brushes (I think)?


    I'm very new to this. I got a pen and tablet as a gift couple of months ago and is currently practicing painting. It's really fun.

    I have a problem tho, I want to paint things that looks like (I dont know the term so I'm just trying to explain) the concept art, loading screen type of images you see in games, that kind of style.
    Something like this:

    but when I paint it doesnt look like that. I suspect It's a mater of what brushes to use so I would be ever so grateful if someone could point me in the direction of a useful tutorial or gimme some pointers on how and also suggest what type of brushes/settings etc to use.

    Any advice would be much appreciated!

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    What program are you using? It looks like that example uses a lot of layers and opacity changes to produce some effects you may be interpreting as special brushes.

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    I think that it is depend on your painting that which type of brush you want to use for your drawing.There are many types of brush are available in the market, but I think that depending upon the painting brush should be used.

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    An artist is rarely the sum of his choice of tools or technique -- almost all good artists can use multiple mediums and techniques for any given image and still produce work in their same "style".

    The real issue is one of knowledge and personality -- nobody will be able to produce the same marks or see colors in the same way because we are all different... combine that fact with the fact that we are the sum of our experiences whether we are talking about who our teachers and influences are to how we were raised and the values we have. All that comes through in the work and is impossible to replicate precisely.

    There is no way to get around this and it is best to not look outside yourself for your "style" and instead look within -- look at your own work and find things you like about what you are doing and emphasize those things. Work on your understand of art fundamentals -- we never leave the basics, and if we do it is usually to our detriment.

    Most young artists spend alot of time looking at other peoples art for answers -- but by the time they gain some mastery they have realized that is not the path to artistic freedom or success.

    NC Wyeth said: "It is not the HOW that matters but the WHY".

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    The brush you are looking for is an interesting but good brush.

    It's called the "Practice" Brush, other brushes that also help are called the "Observation" and "Learning Foundations" brush.

    The Observation and Learning Foundations brush lead you into deeper controls you can adjust like Edges. They also have Color theory options too.

    Some places to help you learn about the "Practice" brush
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