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    [ REQUEST ] Seeing/judgeing shapes and proportions

    Hy guys ! this is my first post here so maybe a small introduction is in order : my name is Rares, i'm a 3d artist, and i'm interested in learning to draw (mainly man made objects , not interested in organics). I've tried learning by watching tutorials and reading books, and ofcourse drawing (making cardboard primitives and using the ole pencil measuring techinique, or constructing imaginary stuff in perspective)...but aside from the theory of perspective i never felt like i learned anything, i could rarely figure out why my drawings looked incorrect, or weather the aproach i had was wrong or anything worth noting for that matter. What i want is to be able to look at an object and understand it's shape, and figure out it's proportions, and know how it should look from any angle.

    So can you guys please help me with tutorials, exercises , or any advice that would help me understand shapes and accurately judge proportions ?

    edit: i've uploaded some of my old drawings here , in hopes that they'll help demonstrate the problems i'm having with shapes
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    Sounds like you're just not practicing enough. Just keep at it and continue using the the techniques you've learned. In addition write it down on the sketchbook you're using saying why it is good, or why you have failed in judging.

    This is not some thing you get down very quickly. It can take years.

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    Not really seeing the problem in your sketches - like Arshes says just keep at it - it takes a long time to develop good drawing skills. Sounds like you know all the basics - sight measuring and perspective being two of the more important things to be aware of.
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    Practice leads to perfection. A lot of observation, exploration and practice.
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