I would like to introduce myself here, because I don't know where else to post introductions.

I go by the name Lockra. I am what I would consider to be an artist in need of improvement. Okay, maybe a lot of improvement. I like to draw for fun, and I will post on other sites often. I have taken art classes in high school, though I hardly think that is enough to qualify as professional. I like to draw furry and some Anime for fun, but I know I can and want to go much further.

I have dreams of one day becoming a skilled professional Graphic novelist or illustrator, through hard work and discipline. I'm going to take some large steps already, but I also need your help. I need honest feedback from the users on this site, which I know I will receive.

This is sort of a sketch journal so others can comment on my progress. Thank you for your attention, time and critiques, when they come.

Here is the first of my entries *holds breath*:

At first glance this pic may appear acceptable, beyond the FAIL smugeing with Gimp in places, but the style looks scarily close to disney/anime, and I don't want to get stuck on that style. I want to start drawing realistic, and humans and animals that I see. That and much more study will help me develop my own style and help me get closer to my goal.