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    I want to be a concept artist...advice?

    Hello guys!

    My dream for the past couple years has been to be a concept artist for videogames (and movies?).

    I'm 18 and graduated a year ago. I took the year off to make money and have fun, but now I want (need) to start a career. I have been drawing for all my life and recently started getting into digital.

    Before I go and spend A CRAZY amount of money on an art school, I want to know if it's a path I should go down...That's why I've posted here to get some advice.

    Here's my DeviantART profile:
    (I'm not new to it, but I made a new account a few days ago...)

    Basically, do you think it's something I should look into? Please be honest. Don't just say "Follow your dreams!". I come from a very poor family and art school is expensive...I need to be realistic here. Should I keep going in this direction?

    Most importantly, I want to know if there are any scholarships or bursaries for someone like me (out of school...) that rely on a portfolio rather than an essay (I am a rubbish writer )

    I would be very thankful for a reply!


    PS: I looked through thread (forget what it was called) on here that included a breakdown of what being a concept artist means/salaries/etc. It's something I am up for

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    No one will tell you what to do,if you are worth or not becoming what you want to be if you want to do it you really really want this,then keep pushing everyday harder and harder you dont have to spend a ton of money for a really expensive Art School you can do it on your own if you really love it.

    Create yourself a portfolio with your best work and there are scholarships out there of course there are that will check out what you can do.There are also available some scholarships for Video Game industry Jason Manley posted here at CA.So man just push it you know try everyday if you want this to happen it will with a lot of hard work.No one made it for as i know in one day becoming this really Great artist.

    My advice Draw and do studys everyday for as many many hours you can make it 8-9 hours a day and one day you will make it.I know it sounds stupid but thats how i see it because i have the same dream you have Keep trying man there is always a brighter day.

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    I'm in a similar boat, although i've already made my decision. I decided that this is the career to persue because i love concept art and i may as well give it the best shot i can muster. I'm heading to Norwich university of the arts to do games art and design and i'm shtting it because i need to brush up a lot on my art skills. I don't know about you, but i'd much rather try my best to achieve a career in this feild than spend the rest of my life in a naff job.

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    Well honestly speaking I dont think anyone really has the need to go to Art sch in order to learn "art" or "drawing". There are just too many things around, available to be ur models or part of ur painting.

    The things appear in ur Drawing are always virtual, come from the reality.

    So u just need to put a bit of creativity into what u see in real life, then it would come up as ur own imaginative masterpieces.

    U could start drawing real stuffs, chatting with people from different area, working places.

    By understasnding more about the world u can put urself into other people's shoes and create a lot of paintings that could speak their mind, and ur mind of course.

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    Dude, I am in every possible way in the same boat except that I went to school this last year to get a grasp on how to start my career. My only advice, do not go into a "video game" studying major. They won't teach you how to be a concept artist. No one will or can.

    Subscribe to the and watch EVERY single video. If you REALLY are that dedicated, it will take hours and hours on end, but you will get through it. Plus, the people that made the videos are all working professionals who know how to teach incredibly well.

    Also, listen to Vlad Gasai. Draw so much that you'll forget to eat and use the bathroom. Only then, young jedi, will you learn the force.

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    Is an Art School a good idea?
    Schools are great, they're really great if you can get into a good one. Schools don't make you great though; they make you work hard but only if you do the work.

    How can you be a Concept Artist for Games?
    Contact a game company and become an Intern. If they like you, they'll want to keep you. If they don't, find another company.
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    Simple: Be the best there is. You know your favorite artist? You must be better than him, because he will be trying to get the same jobs you are. It's a small industry for Concept artists as opposed to animators or 3D artists, so you can't just be 'good', you have to be one of the BEST. simple as that.

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    Hard work and passion for what you are doing is definitely key to get in the industry. But if there is an opportunity to get into a GOOD art school. Take it!

    Not just any art school tho, do some research on the school, sit on the classes if they let you ... most importantly know who are teaching you, what their work are like and whether they are currently working in the industry or not.

    Self taught skills are great, but when you a great mentor, the amount of knowledge you can obtain from his/her experiences can really boost your skill exponentially.
    So keep honing your skill and check out what's out there

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