I'm currently finishing up my first year of college, and as of now I've been heading towards an electrical engineering major (learning about subjects I'm good at, but far from motivated). After recently stumbling upon the work of various concept artists through my love of gaming, I've been inspired to work towards becoming a concept artist. I know I'm still young but I can honestly say I've never wanted anything more passionately in my entire life. Making a living through expressing your imagination seems like an unbelievable offer.

I am now applying to art schools and am looking for advice on what some good schools are, and any suggestions on academic as well as extra curricular studies.

Just read about TAD and it seems like the perfect place for someone with my goals, I would really appreciate advice on how I can get to the technical level required to apply to TAD, good colleges/courses to get an associates degree in and maybe transfer? Examples of the quality of an entry level portfolio would be awesome, so I know at what level I can apply in order to get the full advantage of what TAD has to offer.

The only school I've applied to so far is the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division, but I'm looking for some of the best suited art schools geared towards concept art. My tuition will come largely from Financial Aid and scholarships, so any information on available scholarships is much appreciated.

Some subject matter I'm already looking into, extremely open to any advice on study material and/or good exercises/ways to practice.

Anatomical structure humans/animals
Reflective properties of various material
Rendering various textures
Learning Photoshop inside and out