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Thread: quick question on marker rendering

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    quick question on marker rendering

    I'm right near the end of my thesis, which is drawings of industrial sites. as supplementary material, i've done tons of small quick studies and sketches, but i'm running out of steam with those, so i thought i'd experiment with some marker rendering. i've never done it before, but was loooking forward to doing some small studies. are there any sort of rules or guidelines to pay attention to when doing marker rendering? i've got a bunch of Prismacolor makers (80% cool grey, 30% warm grey, 50% cool grey, and a few others) anything i should be paying attention to? i'm assuming you get a rough sketch down then go in with the makers. any help on this would be great! thanks so much
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    Gah, wish I could help you out.
    Ive been trying to get something going with prismacolors I recently purchased, but I just cant figure out a good technique that works for me =\
    Just keep experimenting I guess =D
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    Check out Feng's site. He has a tutorial on marker rendering.

    Feng site
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    I recently took 4 months off of modeling to better my drawing and 2d skills a few small tips i learned that may help you are always buying the 10 % marker if for nothing else as a blender for the times you get the blind effect 2nd learning to get your strokes down so that the bleed from the marker fills the space between strokes again to avod the blind effect 3rd on many paper stock dont forget that you can use the back of the paper to give subtle variations in the shading of the front side also to give random strokes to broad areas for intrest ! quache is your best friend and realy can add alot to bring your marker renderings to life with little effort
    while ive read just about everywhere that you should buy 30 50 70 or 20 40 60 im finding that in the lighter colors using 20 30 40 60 80 is better for me ! maybe just a individual thing last but not least if your using colors remeber you can use difrent percentages of grey over your colors to get nice chroma effects !

    all that bieng said im still very ameture at markers but learning alot maybe some more advanced users can share there techniques

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    Could use Pilot hi tech fine pen.

    or a Pentel pens but there heavier blacks.
    then i use the med point of a prismacolor black
    and the chisel.

    Layout pads one that i can see thru.

    some guys ive seen use animators pencils
    line first, so many styles.

    values of greys are fine i stick to lower values
    then higher values like 8 9 10 tend to be real dark.
    a three good.

    some times i lay down a very fine yellow
    real real pale this makes the drawing friendly
    in the eyes of the buyer.

    put ur dark darks last tend to smugge on a lighter
    and like anything else there are no short cuts just
    do it like the nike ad says.
    Darrell Bowman
    Freelance render

    Blog This!

    Draw Draw Draw
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