Artist needed for a metal band's album artwork(and possibly myspace layout)
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    Artist needed for a metal band's album artwork(and possibly myspace layout)

    I am the lead guitarist for a progressive/metal/hardcore band from Buffalo, NY that goes by the name of Construct. We've only been a full band since this past December and we've already accumulated a pretty large following in the Western New York music scene. We sold out our first show last week and we've had a pretty positive response from everyone that attended.
    Keep in mind that the recordings up on our page are very poor quality and we've been told that we sound a thousand times better live haha.

    Anyway, we are recording our debut album in two weeks at the largest recording studio in Western New York, GCR Audio (Rob from the GooGoo Dolls owns it). And we're looking for a very talented artist to design our album artwork. We would need the artwork done by the end of this month and it's preferable (not required) that you'd listen to the rough tracks and have that inspire your artwork.

    We're looking for something that fits the style of our music and the theme of the album. Every song is a short story containing metaphors and such explaining how man is destroying itself. We do not want anything over-the-top BRUTAL or anything generic of the death metal genre, but something that would help define us as a band... something gritty and a little dark, but with a side of beauty. We do not think that our myspace layout fits us, so please do not base anything off of that.
    The logo we may or may not keep, depending on if the artist can change it slightly to fit the artwork. If not, a logo re-design is definately welcome... again... as long as it fits.

    Our budget is under 500 dollars. and we are willing to pay more if the artist knows how to design myspace layouts. We would like to have the myspace redesigned to fit the album artwork.

    Please contact me via private message if you are interested. We are a very hard-working band and we plan on going places with our music. Your artwork will be seen by a lot of people!
    I look forward to hearing from you!

    P.S. We would like to have all our future artwork have the same look, so we're looking for an artist that wouldn't mind working for us in the future!

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