Hello All
I am John Valenti, Founder of Free Roam Studios and Leader of The Hunted aroxysm. Let me give some details about the project.
The Hunted : Paroxysm was started in January of 2010. We have such dedicated members working on this project and we are confident it will gain great success and will be a bit hit. The Hunted series will be in episodic content. Paroxysm is the first and is planned to be released free to download. Here is some more information.

Story Summary:
"Edmund Bancroft is many things. He is a brilliant genetic engineer and is one of the most generous philanthropists ever to walk the Earth. The people of America have placed so much trust in him that he has but to state his opinion and they will use it as their own. And yet, for him, that is not enough. For more than twenty years he has kept a a dark secret and now, as he rises to become the ruler of Earth, he has unleashed it. The Asmodeus Project took fifteen years and twelve billion dollars to complete, but it is finally ready to be unleashed on the world. Hailed as a cure for cancer, it is actually a virus that consumes a person's flesh, while completely altering their actions and personalities. Those who worked on the project say that it devours the person's soul as well as their body.

As America crumbles and the world is gripped with a fear that has not been known since the Black Plague, there seems to be no way of stopping Bancroft. And yet, the man who wishes to play god fears that his plans might be undone. Bancroft fears Bill Hartman, a former marine, above everyone else. Bill is not a super soldier or a scientist. He is a husband and father whose sole desire is to make sure that his family is safe. Hunted by enemies that he has no knowledge of, helped and hindered by the woman who might have harmed his family and struggling to remember the last two weeks of his life, Bill is surviving on pure adrenaline. But at what point does the hunter become the hunted?"

Game info:
Title: The Hunted : Paroxysm
Genre: Third-Person Horror Adventure.
Developer: Free Roam Studios.
Engine: Unreal III UDK.
Game Mode: Singleplayer.
Release date: TBA.
Platform: PC.

- Destructive environment.
- Cover System.
- Dismemberment System.
- Player Progression.
- Finder's keepers System.

~Concept Artists~

• To understand your own concept so that if the artist has a question you can easily answer them.
• Good communication skills.
• Work closely with 3d artists.

• Experience working in a wide variety of styles.
• Excellent environmental and character concept art skills.
• Strong work ethic and attention to detail.
• Dedication and time for this project.

• Experience with 3d software such as 3dStudio Max or Z-Brush.
• Solid foundation in traditional art, such as figure drawing, industrial design, landscape painting, and illustration.
• Have been part of a released project.

Our current team consists of 17 members not including myself. We are currently in the art stage.

Note :
We only accept dedicated applicants. If you don't have time for this project please don't apply ( reason we say this is because we get flooded with many applications but many have no time and inactive ) Dedication only, and like many mods and games here this is a great opportunity for you to get experience and a great portfolio and resume.
Thank you for your time.

Contact :
Contact: huntedthegame@yahoo.com
Skype: aajohnny2
Moddb page: Moddb.com