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    question about loading extra patterns, nozzles, etc (like brushes)

    Often I find different patterns and nozzles for download to install into Painter. Or on a CD from a book on Painter. Same deal as copying new brushes into the brushes folder for a new brush library. Only, with brushes there is a folder. With the others there are no folders, so do you just copy everything into the root Painter folder? That would seem to get pretty messy. Or there might be naming conflicts. I have tried changing the native "Painter Nozzles" to a folder, the program then doesn't recognize it.

    Q: How is it best to organize new copied things like Nozzles, Colors, Patterns or Paper Texturesin the root Painter directory? It would seem the best way would be to have a folder for each, then add to that folder. But in Painter they are files (with the round icon).

    Thanks for any help...

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    Hi seeeker,

    Extra Art Materials libraries can be located anywhere you want them.

    Extra Nozzle libraries can also be located wherever you want them.

    The default Painter files, including the default Painter.pap (Papers) and default Painter.nzl (Nozzles) libraries, must be located in the same place you see them when Painter is installed. As you've discovered, if they're either renamed or moved to another location, Painter can't find them. In addition, Painter can't open unless all of the default files are in the correct location.

    Individual custom Nozzle files (RIFF files you create or download from the Web) can also be located anywhere you want them. However, they're loaded differently from the way Nozzle libraries are loaded.

    In the Painter 8 User Guide, Chapter 2 The Workspace, read the following sections:

    Libraries and Movers
    ..What are Libraries?
    ..What are Movers?
    ..Adding Resources to the Current Library
    ..Loading Alternate Libraries
    ..Creating a Library
    ..Customizing Libraries
    ..Moving Items Between Libraries
    ..Modifying a Library

    To learn how to work with individual Nozzle files (RIFF files), in the Painter 8 User Guide, Chapter 17 The Image Hose, read the section named Loading Nozzle Files.

    Reading the two chapters' sections listed above should answer any other questions you have.

    As to naming conflicts, that's up to you to manage. Just be sure each of your extra libraries has a unique name not already used either by you, by Painter, by a third party book CD, or by a contributor on the Web.

    Do the same with individual Nozzles and other files. Always make sure they have a unique name that's not already been used, just as you would when saving an image file.
    Please do not PM me with Painter questions. Instead, post them here where everyone can benefit from them. Thanks!

    Jinny Brown
    and The PainterFactory

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