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Thread: scammer alert

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    scammer alert

    while it was blatently obvious this guy is a scammer i thought i'd post this here to get the word around my fellow ca'ers incase he goes after people new to the game.

    Would you be interested in doing a series of portrait posters in any 20th century art style or media preferably the Andy Warhol, or Pop Art Styles or anything that can be produced by Adobe Photoshop,Adobe Illustrator , Coreldraw or a similar software package. Graphic, charcoal, pemcil and ink portraits are also of interest. If yes them can you try this Icon of the Israeli Art Scene . As a rule I only buy art that is signed by the artist. I am interested to see what you can do. By all means use artist license if you want and since I am really interested in only seeing your style the painting or photoshop image can be as small as you like.The print run for the Icon series is 8,000 with a minimum commission of $5.00 a unit (copy). All units (copies) with be signed and payment is per signed unit mot sales.. I do not buy any art that is not signed.
    If your style of art is origin and you are interested in trying the portrait in it.. I would be more than happy to consider your portrait style for future commissions. Try different colour combinations and different backgrounds. There are 3 Icon series and once your Dr D tests have been passed by the selection committee you can choose 6 of 12 and 6 will be specifically given to you. The 4 Icon Series are
    1. Jewish and Zionist Icons ( the main series) anyone who has appeared on an Israeli Stamp
    [url]http:// Icons of the 20th Century ( 100 Time Magazine Icons)
    3. Thinkers of the 20th Century ( again as listed by Time Magazine)
    4. Supplementary List ( Open to Suggestions)

    Here is the Test . Dr D is a patron of the artist in Israel and has committed $25 million to producing a series of portraits of Jewish and Israeli Icons. Of each accepted image 8,000 posters will be produced. The royalty per poster will be a minimum of $5 for each poster signed. Obviously with that amount of sponsorship there is an opportunity to use more than one image of the same Icon. In order to ensure maximum control all Art will be signed by the artist and posters and giclees with be both signed and numbered . Nothing will be sold that is not numbered and signed by the artist. Dr D's intention is that the poster series be sold to support the art industry in Israel ( 3 other Israeli billionaires have committed an equal amount to this project)

    Be creative with the DR D test. It is an easy portrait. Turn the face to the side, put it on a body, on a building,add interesting backgrounds related to Israel and Judaism . Pamaroma views of the West Bank, Old Port of Jaffa , Old City of Jerusalem , TeL Aviv, Haifa.. all these can be obtained off the internet

    Attached are some of the submissions. Dr D is a test to see which of your art styles would best work for this series. Not all the Jewish Icon images were accepted.
    /spa s a M (iP =""

    Please do not ask for sample costs and freight on two evaluation units .. to get an Israeli Certification from the Israeli Bureau of Standards will cost $2000 per product which we will pay so that we can order products in multiples of 40,000 units every 2 months but you MUST PAY FOR THE EVALUATION UNITS IN FULL AND FREIGHT TO US . ( one evaluation units is ok but two is the requirement ideally as manufacturing consistency needs to be checked with regard to the PCB ) The evaluation units are needed for Israeli Certification testing. You are a first time supplier and with ours so very large we expect you to to incur the cost of client acquisition and send us a the evaluation units we ask for. The expense should be a line item to your marking budget.We have not paid for evaluation units for Israeli Certification for 27 years and are not about to start now.- Show quoted text -

    Dr Roger Golden
    Roger Goldern Interiors
    Roger Golden Art Investments

    Tel ( I will not take calls from anonymous or uknown and please do not phone me in the middle of the night - Israel is at GMT +2 ( Two hours ahead of the UKis calling from outside of Israel (972 - is the country code)

    The Golden Group have been International Interior Decorators since 1912.

    The Golden Group is an active buyer of art ,particularly pieces that can be hung that says "Have a Good Day". For more details please ask for them.
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    Wow, that was a weird letter. So they're asking you to produce art and sign 8000 copies of it, for 5 dollars a piece? Nice.

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    no they want you to produce art, then send them money to get it "processed" inorder for them to print 8000 copies that you then have to sign to get the money, that you wont be able to sign because they are in another country.

    the whole thing is a scam and a pathetic way to rip artists off of their time.

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    besides the fact that the whole letter reeks of fraude, hard for me to believe any "enterprize" or project of this sort will go unnoticed here in israel, especially when claiming to benifit israeli artists.
    ran a search for the names he provided in hebrew and nothing, but absolutely nothing came english though, few scam mentionings...

    thanks for the heads-up alti!
    is there any other information you could provide in addition to the letter regarding this matter? I would like to forward this on to my friends here in israel, many of them are artists and illustrators, and the more info i could get about that guy, the better

    many thanks

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    A guy who has fantasy art and a satanic looking goat monster on his site is the best person to go to when you want drawings of religious icons.

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    As soon as I read "Andy Warhol, or Pop Art Styles or a-" my brain just farted.

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    This project is now has more than sufficient participating artists. The project involves no cost to the digital ( photoshop) artists. All they were invited to do were submit low definition images- that is all ( if they wanted – with no obligation of acceptance) . You cannot print a poster from a low definition image. That should be obvious and clear.
    The paragraph regarding evaluation units is beyond comprehension or logic and was certainly not included in email sent to digital artists that contacted me ( Roger Golden)
    Dame Susan Conners assertion that Roger Golden ( myself) is Mr Drori ( aka Druss) is nonsense. It is as silly and childish as the "Order" that gave her the title "Dame" .
    Dame Susan Conners is a "Dame" of "The Saint Anne Commandery of the Order of Knights of Good Works" which I suppose says it all. Following a Facebook discussion, the creator of this Order ( a website) deleted his silly website where no doubt for a small charge anyone could attain a title including HRH, Duke , and Religious titles. The website creator entered the discussion early to defend his "Order" ( website) unsuccessfully and then disappeared with it.
    "The title of Dame is the female equivalent of the honour of knighthood in the British honours system (The word 'damehood' is not used). It is also the equivalent form address to 'Sir' for a knight. A woman appointed to the grades of Commander or Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath, Order of St Michael and St George or Royal Victorian Order or Knight of the Order of the British Empire becomes a Dame. Because there is no female equivalent of a Knight Bachelor, women are always appointed to an order of chivalry." ( Wikipedia)
    Over a period of 9 months "Dame"Connors submitted a series of LOW DEFINITION photoshop images for my consideration ( to be part of our poster series) .None of her images of famous Zionists were accepted ( or close to acceptable) and at no time did she ask for advance payment (really stupid) or was encouraged to continue sending images after the first were rejected. LOW DEFINITION photoshop images can obviously not be printed and none were. Digital artists are a dime a dozen. There are over 78 million registered copies of photoshop.
    I and any said aliases (as Dame Connors suggests) have never been subjected to any police investigation and there is no basis for an investigation. No contracts were signed and no artist work is ever purchased without advance payment by my company. I certainly would buy no art work on the basis of a digital image.
    Dr Roger Golden

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    I am Professor of Fine Art at a Leading University and Managing Director of Roger Golden Interiors, a specialist supplier of original fine art to the Interior Industry in Israel. I have letters of recommendation from The South African, US , British, French and Italian Embassies.
    I received your name from the South African Embassy.

    I am a very large scale dealer in lesser known artists in Israel for the Interior Decorating Industry. My particular interests are in signed collages, mixed media, silkscreen, lithographs, screen prints, drawings, and etchings, preferably AP and modern and pop oil paintings Graphic Art and political and other decorative posters signed discreetly on front by the artist. I also buy small statues with a traditional theme but nu primary interest is in any artmedia that can be framed

    f My email
    My Address is]
    Roger Golden Interiors
    Yefet St 199/9
    Tel Aviv

    Please contact me with regard the stock you have on hand. I am a bulk buyer and will buy up to 10 limited editions ( lithographs) preferably on “thick paper” ( limited to 100 copies no more.). I normally buy consignments valued at between $1000 and $50000. I realize that often stock of an artist is limit and am very flecible.

    Please add my name to your mailing list
    Roger Golden

    Anytime anyone mentions recommendations from my countries embassy, it's pretty much a busted deal.

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    Great post!

    Here is another scam and this one seems to be very sophisticated because so many of you people felt for it.
    i get nonstop emails from various accounts, people click the links like there is no tomorrow.

    it usually starts like:

    hi,friend : i find a supplier for electronic products for iPhone ,Nokia ,Camera,Laptop even MOtorcycle is available. all the items are original but price is very good as wholesale business. if it is suitable for your business i give you their contact info :


    Heya,how are you doing recently ? I would like to introduce you a very good company which i knew.Their website is {http://txxxxxxcom} .They can offer you all kinds of electronical products which you need like Laptops ,GPS ,TV LED,Cell phones,ps3,MP3/4/5,motorcycles etc........Please take some time to have a check ,there must be somethings you 'd like to purchase .
    Hope you have a good mood in shopping from their company !

    very popular is also the MSN virus, you get messages from infected accounts, something like:

    Hey (your email) ! Wow, do you think this Picture is too much from my FB account:

    It sounds silly i know, almost retarded but you would not believe how many actually click that shit. It annoys the hell out of me to block and delete all the infected contacts
    Currently working on my indie RPG , please check out
    Please support my Project!
    - - - - - - - - - -
    My finished paintings and other work

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    Hi Roger. What the fuck are you talking about?

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    It's commonplace. They get cleverer; imitating World of Warcraft accounts, Phishing through your contact's on Msn or facebook to send you emails to make it sound Genuine, those 'Msn virus's' that Randis Mentioned.

    Although this isn't THAT kind of scam, the good 'Doctor' must obviously have found the value in using speculative work to attain free concept art from as many people as possible.

    Mr Golden, In my lofty wishy washy ideals of the industry and it's artists, you won't find a decently skilled, self respecting artist who will willingly accept speculative work from a man on the other side of the world over the internet. And if you do, well.. let's just say you're going to get what you're paying for. Speculative work by itself (last I heard) was regarded as unethical and disrespectful to the artists who spend their valuable time creating what is essentially unpaid work.

    I am saddened for the artists who will accept this offer, genuine or scam - it's simply not worth the effort either way.

    Jordan Beeston
    Sketchbook Livestream Infinity Wars
    Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing. - Camille Pissarro

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    We do transmutational yoga and eat alchemy sandwiches and ride flying unicorns of esoteric freudian solipsism while googling anthropology. Whee!

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