Since we got a Painter one, I figure maybe people should be making a wishlist on what we'd like to see from Wacom.

1. Different friction and frictionless type sheets for the intuos4. Why it has taken over a year to solve the bickering over what seems like a simple solution is beyond me.

2. Better soldering for the USB ports on intuos4 and future models. I'm afraid to use my tablet now due to this issue.

3. Better Panel technology for the Cintiqs. I really would like to see better improvements in monitor tech from Wacom, the new Cintiq seems to have more of the same but with minor intuos4 upgrades? (Not that Express keys aren't nice to have know...)

4. Wacom needs to come out or partner with someone to make portable slates. We seen this years ago but with the new slate craze, it looks like artists are left in the dust. Wacom coming out with slates that have 512-1024 levels of pressure sensitivity with another company will only make us happier. We won't be chucking our intuos away or Cintiqs due to the advanced features. It will bring in more people who will appreciate the Wacom name and quality. I'd hate to see competitors like Hanvon who is also using Electormagnetic induction tech on their pens find someone and just take over the market by adding their tech to a new slate.