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Thread: list 20 random songs

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    1) John Lee Hooker - Mr Lucky
    2) John Lee Hooker - Baby Lee
    3) Jack Johnson - Tomorrow Morning
    4) 311 - Creature Feature
    5) Bob Marley - Concrete Jungle
    6) BT - Nocturnal Transmission
    7) Muddy Waters - I Just want To Make Love To You
    8) Propellerheads - Spybreak
    9) No Doubt - Rock Steady
    10) Pink Floyd - Young Lust
    11) Sphongle - Monster Hit
    12) Sphongle - Divine moments of truth
    13) Van Morrison - TB Sheets
    14) Blues Brothers - She caught the katy
    15) Van Morrison - It's All Right
    16) George Clinton - Flashlight
    17) THe White Stripes - The air near my fingers
    18) Grateful Dead - live syracuse - China Cat
    19) Oingo Boingo - Nasty Habits
    20) Koko Taylor - Force of Nature
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    Johnny Pate - Shaft in Africa
    Alice Cooper - Desperado
    Barry Manilow - Looks Like We Made It
    Herbie Hancock - Hang Up Your Hang Ups
    Iron Maiden - Wrathchild
    Jimmy Smith - Root Down
    Joe Thomas Group - You Can Bet Your Sweet Bippy
    The Explosions - Garden of Four Trees
    Alan Hawkshaw - Beat Me 'til I'm Blue
    Hawkwind - Levitation
    Jane's Addiction - Standing in the Shower, Thinking...
    Infected Mushroom - Converting Vegetarians
    Benny Hill - Ernie
    Neon Philharmonic - Snow
    Sammy Davis Jr - Mr. Bonjangles
    Shirley Ellis - The Clapping Song
    Afrique - House of Rising Funk
    Iron Office - Aquadilla
    Jeff Beck - Come Dancing
    Young Holt Unlimited - Wack Wack

    All my mp3's on shuffle. These are the first 20 that popped out. Great thread - shame Audiogalaxy's not what it was...
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    hawkwind rocks ass
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    Some nice choices, Beatnik
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    Thanks sketch. Gotta love variety.
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    elliot smith: say yes
    ryan adams: damn sam I love a woman that rains
    Bright eyes; first day of my life
    Bright eyes: kcrw live performance
    desparecidos: Mall of america
    Radiohead: fake plastic trees
    the strokes: last night
    the flaming lips: yoshimi.....
    Ryan adams: the bar is a beautiful place
    elliot smith: angeles
    ben kweller: in other words
    Dave Matthews: stay or leave
    The postal service: natural anthem
    Deathcab for cutie: transatlanticism
    David gray: please forgive me
    Gavin Degraw: get lost
    Rilo Kiley: (something... )
    bright eyes: bowl of oranges
    now its overhead: (something...)
    some counting crows live stuff
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    01. Born Against - Janelle
    02. Big Boys - Hollywood Swinging
    03. Modest Mouse - swy
    04. Modest Mouse - Black Blood and Old New Agers
    05. Faction - Skate Harassment
    06. Karate - Outside is the Drama
    07. A Chorus of Dissapproval - Downslide
    08. Eminem - Met a Retarded Kid Named Greg (freestyle)
    09. Hot Water Music - Driving Home
    10. Saves The Day - Through Being Cool
    11. Cinerama - Dance Girl Dance
    12. Red House Painters - Uncle Joe
    13. Abhinanda - Love Story?
    14. The Recliners - Sushi Bar
    15. Tai Mai Shu - Chinese Rappers Delight.
    16. Modest Mouse - Custom Concern
    17. Endeavor - Fire Drill
    18. Orchid - Consumed
    19. Karate - The Same Stars
    20. Dinosaur Jr - Dinosaur Jr.

    "I hear your kung fu is good, once you know mine, you'll be DEAD!"
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    amphex!: ratatat! no one should know about that band, but you do!?! have you seen them live?

    these have so much personality.. funny, other days my playlist collectively looks like PT Osborne, Schlo-mo, and nor's

    now playing: velvet underground - i'm gonna move right in
    underworld - push downstairs
    filter - trip like i do
    sigur ros - vidrar vel til loftarasa
    interpol - the new
    azure ray - if you fall
    low flying owls - looks of a killer
    dirtnap - resign
    velvet underground - pale blue eyes
    ben kweller - in other words
    calla - as quick as it comes/carrera
    braid - do you love coffee
    pj harvey - the mess we're in
    pinback - west
    deerhoof - the last trumpeter swan
    deerhoof - the eyebright bugler
    the smashing pumpkins - 1979
    the smashing pumpkins - eye
    waxwing - untitled
    waxwing - laboratory
    Last edited by nova; February 24th, 2004 at 06:40 PM.
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    01 Sting & The Police - Don't stand so close to me
    02 David Bowie - Space Oddity
    03 REM - Losing my religion
    04 AC/DC - for those about to rock (we salute you)
    05 AC/DC - can't stop R'n'R
    06 Dire Straits - Wild West End
    07 Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing
    08 Dire Straits - Six Blade Knife
    09 fear factory - smasher/devourer
    10 apocalyptica - hall of the mountain king
    11 Pantera - Cowboys from Hell
    12 Slayer - Disciple
    13 rage against the machine - maggie's farm
    14 rage against the machine - killing in the name of
    15 Charles Mingus - good bye pork pie hat
    16 Yuji Ohno - funky junky trip
    17 Tenacious D - Tribute
    18 The White Stripes - seven nation army
    19 Anthrax - Cadillac Rock Box
    20 Anthrax - I am the law
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    Well, currently on my list:

    Cowboy Bebop-Adieu
    Cowboy Bebop-Ask DNA
    Cowboy Bebop-Black Coffee
    Cowboy Bebop-Call Me Call Me
    Cowboy Bebop-Is it real?
    Cowboy Bebop-Memory
    Cowboy Bebop-Musawe
    Cowboy Bebop-Mushroom Hunting
    Cowboy Bebop-Piano Solo
    Cowboy Bebop-Rain
    Cowboy Bebop-Space Lion
    Cowboy Bebop-What Planet is this?
    Cowboy Bebop-See you Space Cowboy
    Cowboy Bebop-Tank!
    Cowboy Bebop-Rush
    Cowboy Bebop-Spokey Dokey
    Cowboy Bebop-Piano Black
    Cowboy Bebop- LIVE in Baghdad
    Cowboy Bebop- Papa Plastic
    Cowboy Bebop- No Reply
    Cowboy Bebop- Yo pumpkin head
    Cowboy Bebop- Blue

    Now before you all judge me as a tastless person, realize that:
    a) Yoko Kanno(the compser) is a musical genuis, and the Seatbelts has poured an incredible amount of talent into these songs.
    b) These songs are all different styles of music.

    And for the sake of it, ill list some other bands commonly found in my playlist:

    Genesis (the old 70's progressive stuff)
    The Allman Brothers Band
    Yes (the old 70's progressive stuff)
    Duke Ellingtion
    Miles Davis
    Pax 217

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    You could call it eclectic... just random grabs...

    Big Audio Dynamite - Situation No Win
    AFI - Fall Children
    The Clash - Stop the World
    Iron Maiden - Aces High
    Oxymoron - Scream & shout
    Reach the Sky - In My Defense
    Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man
    Rolling Stones - Honky-Tonk Woman
    Kid Dynamite - Heart A Tact
    Danzig - She Rides
    good clean fun - Some Song About Equality
    Crucial Youth - Intro '90
    Hepcat - No Worries
    Mouthpiece - With this regret
    panic - Lighthouse
    The Suspects - Face Your Fear
    The Clash - The Call Up
    U.S. Bombs - Skater Dater
    Terror - Push It Away

    Clocktower- I love that hope conspiracy EP, man... "it meant nothing" has got to have one of the coolest breakdowns ever. good choices.

    muttonhead- check out godspeed, they're an instrumental band, mainly post-punk stuff w/ classical instruments. they did the song in 28 days later, when the main character is running around an empty london. it's awesome to draw to..

    Last edited by cotron; February 24th, 2004 at 11:01 PM.
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    PT osborne has nice taste

    you go to any connor Oberst shows?
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    Yer all some pretty old people, I haven't heard of most of those bands =\ The bands I listen to are mostly relatively new... so... here we go!

    Switchfoot - Meant to Live
    Story of the Year - Until the Day I Die
    Tenacious D - Tribute
    Disturbed - Voices
    Seal - Waiting For You
    Sublime - What I Got
    Linkin Park - Nobody's Listening
    Linkin Park/The X-ecutioners - X-ecutioner Style
    POD - Youth of the Nation
    Limp Bizkit - My Way
    Korn - Falling Away From Me
    Incubus - Drive
    Incubus - Megalomaniac
    Scapegoat Wax - Aisle 10
    Puddle of Mudd - Away From Me
    Finger Eleven - One Thing
    Foo Fighters - Learn to Fly
    Smile Empty Soul - Nowhere Kids
    Chingy - One Call Away
    Nas - One Mic

    21 and 22: Korn - Make Me Bad, and Britney Spears - Toxic... no, I'm not joking. Stop laughing. I mean it.
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