sci-fi comic/manga project needs artist
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    Lightbulb sci-fi comic/manga project needs artist

    We are in the process of adapting a sci-fi storyline into a comic/manga. We commissioned a preview issue of the comic through a freelancer and plan to release that in June. We are happy with the results but our artist is unavailable to continue due to other commitments. So we are looking for another artist to take on the project.

    The basic storyline is that a huge meteorite strikes Earth and knocks it off its axis. Extreme weather events happen (Hurricanes, typhoons etc). So big mega-corporations build Sanctuaries. Huge force-fields that protect whole countries. Governments collapse and corporations run rampant. There is a public backlash and Governments crackdown of corporations. The corporations decide to build their own sanctuary (Gaulon) where they can install their own corporation friendly government.

    Out in the Wilderness, a new super virus is turning people into cannibalistic monsters and RavenCroft has created an elite team of operatives to go out there and disinfect outlying towns. They have special organic battle armour that give them special abilities. One can turn invisible, another gives its wearer extraordinary strength, another can produce electrical currents and EMP waves, and the last is a complex organic super-computer that can hack systems in nano-seconds. The individuals may die but their namesakes live on. They are The Immortals.

    You can read more of the storyline at

    We had wanted to release new chapters online but found that it was really hard to get people to read long form text on the internet. That is why we started last year with the comic/manga adaptation.

    The art style we are looking for is sort of like the Appleseed manga or early Ghost in the shell. It needs to be a little gritty and rough. There is also future technology in the comic but not too much.

    We are serious about this project and are prepared to pay for a good artist. It will be a long term project consisting of a 22 page B&W comic/manga with colour covers releasing every 2-3 months. We are looking for an artist that can do the whole process. Layout, pencil, inking and lettering. Our current budget is around $800 per issue, but open to negotiation.

    We are located in Melbourne, Australia and are open to working with an artist through email, skype, text chat etc. We just need someone who will check in regularly (approx once a week or so) and keep us updated on progress.

    We plan to release the comic/manga ourselves both in digital form as well as printed copies in comic stores etc.

    OK. I hope that is enough information and look forward to hearing from the talented people here.

    You can PM me for more details or email

    - Nghi Huynh

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