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    I need advice on laptop/tablet buying please

    Firstly I'm not sure if this is the right place but the only hardware section was for wacom.

    I'm looking to buy a tablet and laptop combo or a tablet pc. I mostly use painter but will do the odd bit in flash aswell.

    Now I have some questions as to what I should look for in a laptop and to tablet pcs as well. With tablet pcs do any have stylus controls that can do pressure, tilt and rotation or are they simply here is the pointer, here is where you moved it to? Anyone had experiance in these?

    Any useful help and advice is most welcome.

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    Fujitsu has some penabled wacom tablet Pc's. In fact if you search "Artist tablet pc" or something of the like, you should find an thread started here on the forums that someone did for the stylistic series of tablet Pcs, they are a couple years old now. I don't think they have tilt.

    Tablet Pc's are great. But they are really suited for a certian lifestyle for all the drawbacks to not be a real drag. They are "portable" and really self contained. You don't have to carry a walcom board around with your laptop. But the word used for tables should be "holdable" not "portable" you will find yourself braceing it a lot with one hand, or putting a book under it to get the tilt right so you can see what you are doing. different things like that. So if you don't mind holding it like you do your pillow, or haveing a big noticeable stand makeing you look akward at the coffee shop, then your pretty much allright.

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    I'd say "lurk more" would be the best advice. There were several discussions already on machines and laptops in the lounge and a lot of other places.

    The better questions are the following:

    Why do you "need" a laptop tablet PC?
    How will this pay off in productivity?
    What are the demands I need in a laptop or Tablet pc? (ie specs like ram, etc)
    Have you googled and looked up Tablet PC for artist to see what people's experiences are with it?
    What are the advantages/disadvantages if I chose a laptop vs tablet pc, vs desktop.

    Spend a few weeks on your decision or at least 1 week doing the research the information is out there. It's what I do especially when I want to budget.

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