So... I've been getting better with SketchUp but I would like to move on. I'm hoping to import my sketchup stuff into other 3D programs like Blender.

Which... I actually tried and I got this mess:

Attachment 970948

Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Has anyone had any experience importing their SketchUp files into other programs? I'm trying it with Blender because it's free... 3DS, which I've had experience with but I never bought it - costs around 3,000 bucks. That's probably more than the rent for a small studio apartment in NY. My mom has an educational version of Maya though.

Maybe I should just stick to SketchUp though? I'm only doing these as a reference for some webcomic I'm doing, and I'm not even sure if I'm going to be using 3D models all the time anyway... Still figuring stuff out.