I was recently referred to ConceptArt by a couple friends who are much more artistically talented than myself if I wanted to see some amazing original art in all its aspects, So here I am. I am also in the market to acquire original art pieces for the company I work for Disruptive Publishers who makes themes and avatar items for PS3 and X360. I have noticed many artists here are involved in the gaming industry which is great as half of my battle is explaining what it is we actually do to artists who are unfamiliar with the next gen consoles and the opp's it has out there for artists whether it be concept/ level, character design or even licensing. I am not joining purely for business I have always been a huge fan of art from Van Gogh through Frank Miller. Though now that I have to start developing relationships with artists in my career I cant think of a better place. So to all the artists out there with tons of content just floating around if you are interested in getting your pieces out there onto consoles (almost 100 million) and generating profit please feel free to contact me and I can fill you in on the details of what I'm looking for (Sci Fi/ Anime/ Original Art) and what returns to expect. In the meantime feel free to check out my company website www.disruptivepublishers.com to get an idea of how your art would be incorparated into the PS3/ X360 UI and how it would look to the end users.

Thanks and keep up the great work.

Cody O'Neil