I am a independent developer building an iPad game. I am looking for an artist partner to create the graphics side of the game. This is to include:
  • Start game comic panels
  • Mid-game comic panels
  • End-game comic panels
  • Screen backgrounds panels
  • Numerous multi-layer images of in-game objects
  • Animations of a few key in-game objects

I will offer a percentage of the profits, to be negotiated -- The profits are guaranteed to not be less than $0.

Game Requirements, Story, Etc
I have detailed documents describing the game story, interface, and game world objects. I will share these with interested parties.

The game concept includes: performing magic spells through the touch interface, creating new magical items, and rescuing a lost person (mom).

Interested artists should contact me, and provide a portfolio link. jayhaase(at)yahoo(dot)com.

About Me
I am an professional software developer with over 20 years experience. I am currently working in Africa for the Namibian government to build an national data warehouse containing data on orphans and vulnerable children.

I have created one super-geeky iPhone app already (Apparatus).