I'm working on a game modification for battlefield 1942, part time. This is purely a labor of love. I don't have a web site or forums set up, I haven't made any announcements about it. I would like to see it finished someday, but I feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of planning that will have to go into this to populate the world with vehicles, weaponry and people of the style I imagine.

About me : I am capable of generating simple concept art, usually line drawings, sometimes scribbles in the margins of notebooks. I have collected all of my scribbles into a fairly large stack, and have been spending some time at least formalizing some of them using windows paint. However, I have found that once I have created an object with a certain style, subsequent objects seem to adhere to the same style (think of the heckler and koch line of firearms - each is clearly of heckler and koch design, but in a different configuration). So, there is a sameness in all of my designs, as well as a simplicity - I tend to work on the profile of things, rather than fine details. I am a capable programmer, and also an adequate 3d modeler.

About the game - it is a high-tech/sci-fi theme, set several hundred years in the future, on the moon and other planets. Sort of a combination of ideas from Steve Jackson Games' Ogre, Activision's Battlezone (from a few years back), so called "cyberpunk" literature, standard issue Battlelfield 1942, and anime such as Venus Wars and Big Wars, MAK 3000, the cabinet graphics from the old Moon Patrol arcade game, Metal Slug.

In addition to ensuring that the gameplay is tight and entertaining (a design document IS in the works), I am hoping to make this an interesting and unique visual experience. There is no backstory at this time - the reason for this game is just to have armies of players duke it out using futuristic tanks and weapons. One of the first goals is to make the two opposing teams identical, except for color. This is mostly due to a lack of designs, and a desire to ensure that designs are of high quality.

What I'm looking for - As I've said, I have some designs already for human soldiers and vehicles. Also, I have been collecting reference pictures of tanks, vehicles, and firearms. I can say that I have pretty specific desires for style of some deisgns, but that I am pretty open minded and find lots of things cool. I am in need of soldier, weaponry designs as well as vehicular (both air and land) designs. I would prefer designs of varying styles.

If you are interested in talking with me further about the idea, sharing some ideas of your own and maybe some samples of work, then please contact me at orangebr8@yahoo.com.

Joe Devlin